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Cleaning Wars: Who Cleans More

Geaning Wars: Women vs. Men Who Does All The Cleaning? Did you know that cleaning is amongst the top reasons for couples to argue? Who does the cleaning in your household? Why Cleaning Causes So Many Problems? One in five people know a couple who constantly argue about cleaning Warning 1 Warning Cleaning is rated the second most common reason for quarrels after financial issues Warning 3 Bad cleaning habits are surpassed only by bad personal hyğiene in terms of the most dreadful habits a partner can have In Condusion: Working on your personal cleaning habits will improve your relationship. You will be able to avoid numerous conflicts by dividing your chóres equally. Cleaning & Age Cleaning Habits Improve with Age: Couples Aged Between 18 and 24: Statistics show that younger couples experience more difficulties synchronizing their cleaning routines. Over the years partners sync their cleaning routines. Couples over 55: 55+ 18-24 59% Partners over 55 years consider they have equally good cleaning skills and only 30% of them argue about cleaning. 30% No one can say for certain whether it is due to all the toys spread all over the floor or simply because children have their way of spreading chaos wherever they go but statistics speak for themselves - 55% of the couples with kids at home argue about cleaning. Kids Contribute to the Cleaning Wars Couples and Cleaning: 46% of all couples argue about cleaning in general 27% of the couples fight over whose turn it is to clean 24% of the couples can't agree on how frequent cleaning should be done! Gender Wars - Who is Better? Women excel at doing the laundry, bathroom and kitchen cleaning. Only 25% of the men Men are better at vacuum admit that their partner is better at cleaning than them! Don't let the cleaning wars get to you! cleaning! If you have had enough arguing about cleaning, think about outsourcing the unpleasant chores to a professional cleaning company like Paul's Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne!

Cleaning Wars: Who Cleans More

shared by margaret.swanton on Dec 22
Do you feel as if you do all the cleaning at home? Well, maybe you are right. However, there are chores men do better and there are these ladies excel at. Find our who cleans up the carpets more vigil...


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