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Child Identity Theft Child Identity Theft SOCIAL SECURITY 000 - 00 - 0000 BBBTHIS NUMBER HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED FOR YOUR FUTURE CHILD CHILD ID THEFT Child ID Theft A child's identity is clean and unmonitored for years, PROTECT YOUR CHILD'S making stealing an identity from a baby easier than stealing candy. Don't let an identity IDENTITY take advantage of it. heto An identity thief can use the child's identity to get jobs, open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, open electric and telephone The usual culprits to steal a child's identity is the parent.. accounts and CREDIT CARD APPLICATION JOHN DOE even start business. idu name 10/14/1973 date of birth ssn 00-00-0000 10/14/1972 ROAD TRAIL I owe $25,000 on my credit cards, my condo's in foreclosure and I turn 4 on Friday. Over 400,000 children become victims of identity theft each year. Prosecuting Parents Parental identity theft is difficult for authorities to prosecute. Once they are of age, most young adults know it is wrong and realize the ramifications of what has been taken from them, but the org child may feel guilty about prosecuting their own parent because the money may have been used to help raise them. This mindset often keeps the child from filing a complaint. The decision between filing a poice report and risking your parent getting arrested or paying out the debt accumulated by your parent can be a difficult one. ? ?. ? Before you make your child's 'real world' experience more complicated by burdening them with parental Identity Theft, think of how you might look behind bars. dth idtheriz.ore APPROVED dth

Child Identity Theft

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Child identity theft is all too common, and it’s often the type of theft crooks choose because it’s often years before the theft is discovered. A child’s credit is pristine, and if a thief can g...


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