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A Charitable Journey

A CHARITABLE JOURNEY %$4 TOP FIVE CHARITABLE CAUSES 15% 15% 17% RELIGIOUS MEDICAL RESEARCH HOSPITALS 11% 10% CHILDRENS OVERSEAS EDUCATE & INFORM YOUR AUDIENCE BEGIN JOURNEY DETOUR Engage on social media Industry news Content marketing has become an important tool for charities - especially during time of economic strain, when people like to see exactly where their donations are going. 1ST STEP Feature content FINAL 2ND STEP DESTINATION A donation is made Case studies PROVIDE VALUE GIVE PEOPLE A REASON TO DONATE KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE O What emotion drives them to donate? Tailor your content accordingly and appeal to their hearts. FOCUS ON ENGAMENT Utilize your social media audience. Set up a live twitter chat to answer any potential donor's questions, compile these questions and answers in a document an upload them to your site for future reference. ADAPT YOUR CONTENT TO MATCH YOUR CAUSE- Sport for vulnerable youths? Use video content to convey how such sport has enriched their lives. Trying to save the rainforest? Publish inspirational statis- Help for premature babies? Do follow-up case studies on how healthy they are now -thanks to your tics on how its destruction will impact the world and all donors' help. of its inhabitants. CHARITABLE DEDUCTIONS WHAT YOU CAN DEDUCT & WHAT YOU CAN'T Cash YES Int assets securities, stocks, insurance Tangible assers carrs, boatts, clothing, etc Your time Blood NO Donations to professional associations or groups Donations to labor unions Donations to political candidates and organizations MORE ABOUT CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS DONATIONS AS INVESTMENT More and more, donors are thinking of their charitable giving as investments, and they expect to see a ROI. This trend is also reflected in the rise of crowd funding as a means to get charitable organizations off the ground and into the field. TRUST A trust is essentially a relationship between three parties, the donor of some assets, the trustees who hold the assets and the beneficiaries (those people who are eligible to benefit from the charity). MORE EYES ON EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION Donors are expressing their feelings and they want to support charities that use thir money ethically and wisely. Organizations need to be transparent about what they pay their leadership. CHARITABLE INCORPORATED ORGANIZATION The Charities Act 2006 legislated for a new legal form of incorporation designed specifically for charities, the Charitable Incorporated Organiza- tion, with powers similar to a company but without the need to register as a company. IMPORTANT FACTORS IN US CHARITABLE GIVING Believe the key issue is to know that the money is being used appropriately and honestly. Say their prioriority is feeling a positive sense of well-being in khowing they are helping others. 50% 20% Point to the fact that Say that receiving a 14% 7% the cause reflects tax deduction is the biggest motivation in giving. their personal values. EXAMPLE OF HOW BIG COMPANIES MAKE USE OF THEIR RESOURCES TO DONATE CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS SHOULD CONTACT THESE COMPANIES The BP fabric of America Fund S20 MILLION $20 14,500+ CHÁRITIES and growing Through the fabric of America Fund, US-based BP employees have donated $20 million of support over the last five years to charities across the US. BP employees can choose from over 14,500 charities to donate. Each US-based BP employee can donate up to 50 $300 Over 57,000 donations were STATES made in all 50 states across 3,000 per year. cities. SOURCES: xtk1.97 Presented by:

A Charitable Journey

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Charities work hard to get donations to continue their work, this infographic shows what consumers look before they donate.


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