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Caring for Kittens of Varying Ages

Caring for Kittens of Varying Ages How to take care of kittens at various stages Note the eye color and ear fold to tell the age Wobbly kittens are probably two-three weeks old. Kittens below three weeks old must be bottle fed. Be a cat parent Bottle feed every three hours if the kitten is two weeks old, and less frequently after every week At three weeks, start to wean the kitten Wean the kitten off bottle feeding starting at three weeks and slowly introduce soft food diluted with milk formula What to feed growing kittens Milk formula, soft kitten food, and dof sardine bones for extra calcium TIP: CATS DRINK WATER FAR AWAY FROM FOOD IN CASE OF CONTAMINATION! Make sure your kitten is not dehydrated. Place extra water in kitten food until they learn how to lap up liquids before training them to drink water Train kittens to use the litter box Bring kitten to litter box, and lightly knead its paws through the litter. They will use this as potty by instinct. Socialize kittens to humans Make sure the kitten is never alone and lonely, otherwise they will become anxious and jumpy. Play and interact with the kitten. Find the wide collection cats products and accessories at our online store.

Caring for Kittens of Varying Ages

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Adopted a cat or thinking about it? Here are the tips to take care of them . Do not forget grooming if you find expensive to go to the groomer buy products which are easy to use and safe. Visit our website.


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