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Canada vs The USA

BEAVERS&EAGLES * AFRIENDLY COMPARISON BETWEEN TWO GREAT NATIONS:CANADA & THE USA .but Canada is greater GEOGRAPHY WESHARETHE WORLD'S LONGESTBORDER AT 8,891KM/5,525MILES CANADA USA 2nd largest country in the world. 31,700 large lakes, most in the world. 4th largest country by land mass alone. Find Canada between latitudes 41° and 84°N, and longitudes 52° and 141°W. Longest coastline in the world (202,08okm) 3rd or 4th largest country (it's disputed). The lowest & highest land points are both in California. 58 national parks & the government owns ~29% of the land area. Unlike Canada, has multiple desert areas. WEALSOSHAREEQUALLY DIVERSEECOSYSTEMS & WEATHER DEMOGRAPHICS Canada's first female Minister was Kim Campbell in FUN FACT 1993- Anthems ΤΥΡΕOF GOVERNMENT 316,130,000 live in the USA O, Canada & God Save the Queen Average Age for PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM USA: 38 3RDLARGESTCOUNTRY BY POP. Anthem VS 33,476,688 people live in Canada The Star PRESIDENTIAL SYSTEM Spangled Banner Average Age for men: Canada: 40 USA:37 35THLARGEST COUNTRY BY POP. MONEY In 2012, Canada began phasing out the penny. Martha Washington is the only woman whose portrait has appeared on U.S. currency. Canadians call their $1 coin a "loonie" & their $2 coin a "toonie" Dollar bills aren't actually paper, but a combination of linen & cotton. WHEN IT COMES TO PAYDAY LOANS. In 14 states, payday loans are totally illegal. States maké payday loans illegal through through usury laws, which prevent compănies from chárging iñterest rates in excess of a certain APR. Payday loans are totally illegal in Quebec and Newfoundland. Payday loans are legal, though regulations vary, in Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Alberta Saskatchewan PEI & Manitoba. In some states there are NO laws regarding payday loans, allowing lenders to chargé a rate the borrower agrees to pay. interest НАРУ CANADA DAY НАРPY 4TH OF JULY Loonies & Toonies Forever, GODAY FAST CASH CLICK AND GO! SOURCES: HTTPS://EN WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/CANADA HTTPS://EN WIKIPEDIA, ORG/WIKI/UNITED STATES HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/DEMOGRAPHICS OF_GANADA

Canada vs The USA

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Just some friendly fact celebrate Canada Day & Independence Day.


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