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Can You Read Other People's Emotions?

TELLING TELLS CAN YOU READ OTHER PEOPLE'S EMOTIONS? We often use facial expressions to interpret emotions - and these transcend culture A SMILE MEANS THE SAME IN ANY LANGUAGE but there are in fact 7 UNIVERSAL EMOTIONAL EXPRESSIONS 0000000 ANGER CONTEMPT DISGUST FEAR JOY SADNESS SURPRISE As a poker player A RECOGNISING ALL OF THEM WILL BE USEFUL BUT DO BE AWARE OF YOUR OWN FACIAL EXPRESSIONS WHEN PLAYING POKER - recognising the emotion in someone else is likely to elicit a reaction from you Hiding those emotions is known as "THE POKER FACE" WHAT DOES YOUR POKER FACE LOOK LIKE? son photo via Dip Phil Laak photo via filipchip 1-4 SECS 0.1-0.5 SECS ??? SECS MACRO EXPRESSIONS MICRO EXPRESSIONS SUBTLE EXPRESSIONS THESE CAN EXIST THROUGHOUT A SITUATION, BUT ARE SIGNIFICANT BECAUSE THEY STAND OUT AS DIFFERENT FROM THE OVERALL EXPRESSION ARE VOLUNTARY DISPLAY OF EMOTION, ARE INVOLUNTARY DISPLAY OF TRUE EMOTION, USED IN EMOTIONALLY CHARGED SITUATIONS USED MOST OFTEN IN DAILY LIFE These expressions are used when we are comfortable showing our true emotions and emotional reaction - so beware the bluff when you see it because very few poker players are comfortable at the poker table. Watch your opponents carefully - this is why it is important to look at your cards AFTER everyone else has looked at theirs. You are looking for microexpressions. Your friend is telling you about a bad beat. Your face may be serious as you show empathy with his loss, but the corners of your mouth turn up, indicating "happiness" and betraying you actually find the story funny. RECOGNISING SUBTLE EXPRESSIONS IN THE LIPS: HAPPINESS DISGUST ANGER corners of lips may be raised or curled upwards the upper lip may be raised lips may be pursed together IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT WHILE EXPRESSIONS CAN BE SIGNALS OF HIDDEN EMOTIONS, THEY CAN RELATE TO OTHER THINGS AS WELL So before you push all -in thinking that your opponent is uncomfortable, realize that the discomfort may be because they need the bathroom - not because they have a bad hand. facial expressions are used to indicate: stress, tension, physical discomfort, or dislike ASYMMETRICAL EXPRESSIONS are gestures that involve only half of the face: SMILES THAT DON'T INVOLVE OR CONTRADICT THE EYES, FAKE SMILES EXPRESSIONS THAT ARE USED TO RELIEVE STRESS these can sometimes become uncontrollable, EXPRESSIONS THAT SHOW TENSION OR NERVOUSNESS as well as severe - but very quick REPETITIVE TOUCHING OF THE FACE, SPECIFICALLY THE NOSE OR EYES, TWITCHING OF THE CHEEK OR EYE, JAW THRUSTS FURROWED FOREHEAD, QUIVERING CHIN OR LIPS, FACIAL TWITCHING, ESPECIALLY THE LIPS FORWARD OR MOVEMENT TO THE SIDE A POKER FACE MAY SEEM DIFFICULT TO READ, BUT, IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO READ YOUR OPPONENT'S SUBTLE EXPRESSION DISGUST Many card players use expressions of when they don't like their hand, another player's move, etc. aside from disgust, card players may attempt to disguise expressions of happiness or fear due to their hand ALWAYS REMEMBER TO OBSERVE YOUR OPPONENTS IN DIFFERENT SITUATIONS TO SPOT PATTERNS IT IS PATTERNS THAT WILL TELL YOU MOST ABOUT THEIR REACTIONS TO CARDS Remember, in poker most of the action is on your opponents' faces – not on the felt. Learn more about poker – come to POKER SITES Sources: DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING .COM

Can You Read Other People's Emotions?

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Being able to read people's facial expressions can be very useful for poker players. This infographic takes a look at different emotional expressions and what they mean.


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