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The Bubbly History of Bubble Wraps

A Bubbly History of BUBBLE WRAPS Bubble wrap is a flexible plastic material used for packaging items. HISTORY TYPES Bubble wraps are of 3 types Talking about the history of bubble wrap the birth of Bubble wraps is itself quite bubbly. STANDARD - Standard ones are those which are transparent and are the tradi- tional bubble wraps. Back in 1950's two American scientists were trying to make a 3 dimensional plas- tic however their experiment was a failure and during this so called mishap bubble wrap was produced as a by- product which is one of the most popular packag- ing material today. ANTI STATIC - Anti-Static are the ones which are pink in color. GREEN BUBBLE - These wraps are en- vironment friendly and can be recycled. Bubble wrap is com- monly made from polyethylene LDPE film. Here is a short summary how it is manufactured polyethylene resins resembling the size of the pea are The The extruders are long cylinders with a series i.e. of screws taken into extruder. fitted inside. The second sheet is then moved onto the Once the beads are inside, the screws are first one. As a result the air is trapped in MANUFACTURING the bubbles and PROCESS made to run over the beads. bubbles are finally ready for use. The melted material With the help of suc- One of the sheets is is taken out from the cylinder and moved between tion these bubbles are formed on the sheet uniformly placed on a drum with holes engraved in it. two stacked sheets of plastic. TYPES OF BUBBLE WRAPS DID YOU KNOW ? > Bubble mask > Limited grade bubble wrap • FDA grade bubble wrap Bubble wrap was initially designed to be used as wall papers. > Anti static bubble wrap The relief from stress which people get by popping the bubble wrap is equiva- lent to 33 minutes of massage. • Multi purpose bubble wrap • Strong grade bubble wrap • Cusionshield Aluminum bubble laminate Brought to you by: Globe Packaging

The Bubbly History of Bubble Wraps

shared by gplondon on Apr 09
Bubble wraps are the common packaging material today but do you know the history behind them? Check out this info-graph and get to know about the history, types and some funny facts about bubble wraps.


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