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Brazil: An Emerging Force in Global Mission

Brazil: A GLOBAL POWER And an Emerging Forre in Global Mission .. 5th- 7th Brazil in the Eyes of the World Brazil constitutes the land mass and population of South America. largest country in the world, by both population & land mass'. 200.3 million people, 3.288 million Brazil Brasilia Beld Horizonte Sao Pa o de Janeiro largest economy in the world, by GDP². sqare miles. Brazil's Challenges Brazilians have declining Brazilians have declining satisfaction with the direction of their country" confidence in their current economic situation4 2010 - 62% 2010 - 50% 2014 - 32% 2014 - 26% Economic growth rate below that of Latin American/ Caribbean region, currently and projected GDP Growth Rates Brazilians believe their country should be more respected globally“ Brazil Latin America & Caribbean Should be more respected - 76% Is respected - 21% 3.1 3.5 7.5 5.9 Brazi's Rise: R Growing Church and a Growing Mission Brazil is emerging as a major force in global mission as it engages in three cross-cultural From 3% to 26% In 1960, only 3% of the population of Brazil was considered evangelical. But in 2010, estimates are as high as 26%, which means up to ... areas: Global Mission Engaging Diaspora 50 million believers! Mission to the Indigenous Community Global Mission • 115 Brazilian-led mission boards and agencies 5,000 Brazilian missionaries serving globally • Brazilians have ability to connect in other cultures due to shared values, such as the emphasis on hospitality and oral tradition in the Arab world10 Pray that God will continue to call Brazilians to global missions and that He will provide Missão Kairos is an example of global mission with missionaries in 12 countries in Latin America, Europe, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Senegal and more. ( resources for sending workers. Mission to the Indigenous Pray for continued • 228 recognized indigenous groups • 900,000 population as of 2010 • 181 indigenous languages • 58 languages have some portion of Bible growth in the Community missions focus of the Brazilian church. Praise Missão Evangélica da Amazônia ( is an example of mission to indigenous people, launching more than 30 self-sustaining churches. God for work with indigenous peoples and pray for continued impact. Engaging Diaspora %3D :: Brazil has significant new and historic immigrant populations from around the world7: • The largest population of Italian origin outside Italy, with over 25 million Italian Brazilians • The largest Japanese population outside Japan, with 1.6 million Japanese Brazilians • The largest Arab population outside the Middle East, with more than 10 million Arab Brazilians • The 2nd largest German population outside Germany, with 12 million German Brazilians. Pray that Brazilian Christians will continue to reach out to diverse populations that Ministério Árabe Cristão (MAC) performs outreach to Arabs in Brazil. are within their own country. ( Sources: 1. World Bank Data (Population) (Land Area), 2. World Bank Data, 3. World Bank Global Economic Prospects, 4. Pew Research Global Attitudes Project - June 2014, 5. Future of the Global Church (Johnstone, 2011) p. 153, 6. Lausanne Global Analysis Mission Among Indigenous Groups in Brazil p.12, 7. Embassy of Brazil in London, School Resources, 8. COMIBAM International, 9. 2014 COMIBAM International estimate, 10. Brazilian Evangelical Missions in the Arab World (Smither, 2012). Brought to you by our sponsor: To find more infographics A resource to see your world clearly. Buy yours today. from GMI visit SEEING YOUR ....... WORLD gmi gmibooks/Seeing-Your-World

Brazil: An Emerging Force in Global Mission

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The world is talking about Brazil. Whether it is their economic growth, the socio-economic challenges they are facing or their hosting of events like the World Cup and the Summer Olympics, the world i...


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