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The Best Dads In The World

BEST DADS IN THE WORLD KIDS SAY THEIR DAD IS MOST LIKE The Simpsons 48% Homer Simpson Family Guy 38% Peter Griffin American Dad 7% Stan Smith Bre aking Bad 4% Walter White COther 3% Other FATHEROF THEYEAR 014 GIFTS POPULAR 90% akids AWARD support the same team as ther - Sports 13% Ben Fogel Bradley Wiggins Ben Shepherd James Cracknell Tech 10 Simon Cowell John Bishop David Weir Tom Fletcher F Entertainment 20% F Clothos 27 Marlin the clown fish, Jamie Oliver Mo Farah the best father in animation. Combing the Pacific Ocean in pursuit of his son, Nemo. lools 30% Atticus Finch To Kill a Mocking Bird Jim's Dad Henry Jones Snr. Bryan Mills Taken American Pie Franchise Indianna Jones: The Last Crusade In the final instalment of the indie saga we met Henry Jones, a lova- ble academic who made his son "You can never comdemn a man until you've walked in his shoes a great grounded dad, standing up for a young black boy against racism gives Atticus a 5 star rating. The dad you want in a crisisl Literally tearing down Paris to find his daughter, very relatable for most dads out there, although maybe a bit too over protective? The unnamed "Jim's Dad' provides a heart warmingly awkward guide to coming of age for adolesents You can't work hard for affection, however, not love him, but he does lose marks for the most embarrassing dad everl taking down a Messerschmit with an umbrella is pretty cool. Rick Grimes The Waling Dead Vito Corleone The Godfather Trilogy Darth Vader The Star Wars Trilogy Tywin Lannister Gåme of Thrones His son has been shot and made to kill his own mum. It's a a mob boss and master criminal trolling a galaxy is humbled by Without a doubt the worst horrible world they live in (which turned Rick a bit arazy) ends do not justify the means but despi te a few mess ups Rick is still there for his kids and has for his kids Don Vito is the always will be. He's a murderer, an extortioner, A scary and evil Sith lord con- ron the list. Condeming But he does love his family. The his son (who he chopped the his dwarf son to death and hand but just for the amount of ove he the mask ong before.). Once forcing his other children to off the world marry are top of long list of remembered Darth Vader very bad father actions. fondy. 'Luke, Iam Your Father. goodfather Godfather. Sources E /men/the-fiber /10436380/The-ten-greatest-dads dn-fim.ttm House Buy Fast tp:// st move-dads /galery /20140521A/smon-cowel -baby-nominated-dad-of-the-year/ The Quick Buying Company

The Best Dads In The World

shared by jonathanrolande on Jun 16
In honor of Fathers Day we had a look at some of the most iconic Fathers in popular culture.


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