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The Best Christmas Toys of All Time

PLAYER 1 LEVEL 8 1 SCORE : 000123202 ROUND 8 2 CHRISTHAS TOYS A OF ALL TIHE! Every year there is always one toy that causes a mad rush and panic in the high street. Whether you are ensuring your children receive the most popular Christmas gift or whether you secretly want it! But can you remember what toys were most popular when you were litle and do you know what the must have gift for 2012 is? 1975 PET ROCK A pet that doesn't need to be fed, walked, washed and with no vet bills, Pet Rock was the brain child of Californian advertising exec Gary Dahl and sold 1.5milion in the run up to Christmas 1975. 1976 CONNECT 4 It's hard to imagine a world without Connect Four but it's less than 40 years old, appearing in stores for the first time in 1974. By Christmas 1976 it topped the list of 1979 ATARI 2600 Paving the way for an entire industry, the Atari 2800 was the original video computer system and had parents tearing their hair out to get one in 1979. 1977 PLAYHOBIL Originally called Play people in the UK, Playmobil figures and playsets 1978 STAR VAR5 1980 RUBIK'S Despite Star Wars hitting the screen in 1977, the figures from the film took another year to reach the shops as no-one believed the film would be a HUGE success. CUBE Designed by Prof Emo Rubik in 1974, more than 350million Rubiks Cubes have been sold, making it the world's best selling toy. 1982 GL O MORMS Astuffed toy and night light in one, the Glo Wom was an instant success when it was launched in 1982. 1981 LEGO TRAIN 1983 CABBAGE PATCH DOLL5 As Christmas 1083 approached, riots broke cut in the dash to grab Cabbage Patch Dols, inspiring Amold Schwarzenegger film Jingle Al the Way. 1985 TRANSFORHERS The battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons has gripped the imagination of children since the toys were launched in the mid-80s. TV series and big-screen films have ensured this isn't ashort-lived craze 1984 CARE BEARS Originally characters used on greetings cards, it didn't take long for these loveable creatures to be transformed into plush teddies. Dome 1991 1992 GAMEBOY Despite being up against stiff competition, Gameboy was a huge hit, largely due to a much lower price (which parents loved) and a longer battery life. THUNDERBIRDS TRACY ISLAND A rerun of the TV series sparked a run on the International Rescue's HQ, which resuted in a shortage just in time for Christmas. Remember 1986 PANINI FOOTBALL STICKERS Asnip at just 10p a pack, a completed abum was the ultimate playground the Blue Peter version? accessory. 1989 BATMAN In 1889 Tim Burton's Batman hit the screens bringing a darker and edgier character than had been depicted in the 60s TV series. Batmania hit the stores with figures and of course the Batmobile proving as big a hit as the film. 1996BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Space Ranger Buzz proved to be everyone's favourite character in Pixar's Toy Story. 1997 TAMAGOTCHI Adigital pet that needed love and attention, the Tamagotchi was quickly banned in schools by teachers who were fed up with obsessed pupis. Apause button was soon added! 1998 FURBY This cute robot was clever too, starting off speaking Furbish but learning English over time. Desperate parents were paying up to ten times the RRP 1999 POKEMON This interlinkable Gameboy role-playing game became a brand in its own right with toys, books, trading cards, even films 2000 MICRO SCOOTER Whether your micro scooter had three wheels, brakes, was motorised or foldable everyone had one. With the ability to impress your friends with 300's, Ollie's, tail whips and handle bar spins scooters challenged skateboards, roller blades and BMX's. 2003 BEYBLADES BeyBlades battling spinning tops were a Japanese phenomenon which took the UK by storm. Costing £5.00 it was the only playground past time. 2007 NINTEND O WII 2010 The Nintendo Wii was the latest IPAD console to compete with Xbox and PlayStations and with a low cost, wireless controls and interactive games it paved the way for a new generation of gaming. The Ipad has been revolutionary and has changed the way in which people relax, purchase, game, socialise and search the web. With interactive games and a screen large enough to watch films on the go this has to be one of the most popular Christmas trends of all time and the start of the tablet generation. 2012 FURBY The toy trend from the late 90's is back as the Furby makes a second appearance in the Christmas toy calendar. Costing up to £130 compared to the £25 price tag they had in 1998 the latest Furby boasts the latest mod cons being able to play music and adapt its personality to its learning's. GAME OVER

The Best Christmas Toys of All Time

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A new informative infographic looking at the very best Christmas toys of all time!


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