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Best and Worst Drivers in The US

When given a 20-question test, similar to a traditional licensing test at the local DMV, nearly 10% of America's drivers (an alarming 25% in Rhode Island) couldn't pass a DMV licensing test if they had to take it today. The Worst (& Best) States for Drivers One in five drivers doesn't know when to use bright lights, how to follow directional arrows or when highways are the most slipper. do you? STATE OF THE ROADS What's it really like out there on the roads? Prepare for your next road trip with these hot tips on the best and worst places to drive in the USA. With road elevations ranging from 4,000 feet on the eastern plains to over 12,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and 15% inclines in the Exceedingly flat and with the minimal views (Zz..) obscured by trees, Indiana has the unenviable reputation of being the most boring state to drive across. Try to stay awake. Bighorns of Wyoming - check your brakes before driving in these two states. (F) Facts don't lie. On paper, Rhode Island has the worst drivers in the USA. Proceed with caution. Boasting good facilities and with parks just about everywhere, the state parks in Oregon are the best in the USA. Perfect for pit-stops. A geographic microcosm of the USA, California has an enormous variety of scenery. As long as you're not stuck in LA traffic that is. A deadly combination of elderly retirees (who don't know where the accelerator is), college kids visiting during spring break (who don't know where the brake pedal is), and out-of-state tourists (who don't know The flattest roads are in Louisiana where you can drive 100 miles straight north and gain Florida's roads only for where they're going) make less than 100 feet in elevation. the brave. Watch out for armadillo road-kill. HOW DOES YOUR STATE RATE? Test results indicate that across America pedestrians are especially at risk: • 20% of drivers do not know that a pedestrian has the right of way at a marked or unmarked crosswalk. • 1 in 3 drivers don't usually stop for pedestrians even if they're in a crosswalk or at a yellow light. • One-third admit they speed up to make a yellow light even when pedestrians are in the crosswalk. And if that wasn't enough to deter you from crossing the road, the odds of survival are even more stacked against pedestrians with drivers in the heavily urbanized Northeast scoring the worst overall. SCORE RANK 1. OR 90%+ 2. WA 3. VT 4. ID 4. SD 6. MT 7. NE 87% 8. KS 9. IA 10. WY 11. WI 12. MN 13. AK 14. CA 15. IN 15. Co 17. MI 18. ND 19. WV 20. UT 21. MS 22. IL 23. TN 24. TX 24. KY 84% 26. NH 27. AR 28. VA 29. AZ 30. GA 30. LA 32. NC 32. ME 34. OH 35. OK 36. AL 37. MO 37. DE 39. NV 40. SC 40. FL 42. PA 43. NM 81% 44. CT 45. HI 46. MD 47. NY 48. NJ 48. MA 78% 50. DC 51. RI 75% Sources: Information provided by: Matorayelke INSURANCE

Best and Worst Drivers in The US

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Have you ever wondered which states were the best to drive in and which states the worst? This infographic examines the conditions of the roads of many states and also ranks the safety of pedestrians...


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