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Be Prepared for World’s End: A Survival Guide

Be Prepared for World's End: A SURVIVAL GUIDE What's the possibility of Doomsday occurring 14%* or ONE in SEVEN global citizens agree that the world will come to an end during their lifetime Among those who believed that the world will end in their lifetime. 22% are Americans, the highest percentage among 21 countries polled in the survey 9 Apocalyptic Visions that Scientists Foresee Most scientists think that a Snowball Effect of multiple Robot A Nuclear War Ascension The is still a very real from reality. Over- possibiity since massive Climate Meteor Because of Impact our highly probably interconnected, doomed the global dinosaurs, economy, and inthe Pandemic catastrophic sparked fears stockpiles of Tunguska Threat event, a like SARS massive (severe acute meteoroid respiratory damaged syndrome), about 770 bird flu, and a sq.miles coronavirus (2,000 sq. called MERS, comparison, global kilometers) could easily ofthe spread Siberian throughout forest in the globe like 1908 wildfire A Fatal A Mutant Fungus in version of the is not far fear of Change could make events is more humans bird flu H5N1 would be in 2011, And many Population, likely to happen, extreme computer has been scientists around since think "the the 18th weather instead of more nuclear an epic Although that bacterias are Engineered around the deadly, Diseases antibiotics couldescape are plentiful or be released from the lab severe, increase weapons singularity", century. With catastrophe the point at the global which artificial droughts in globe could fall into the wrong hands intelligence Several relatively small and counting, factors like global some areas population across the globe, and at 7 billion overtakes The ColdWar (1947-1991) between intelligence, conservationists warming cause By leading to a human many low-lying areas to be submerged in rising sea levels and Is near. think Although population the robot's growth is true nature one of the is still key threats upfor to the planet debate we know pandemic alarmingly less about Russia and America was a nuclear standoff that fortunately did not end in nuclear fallout between countries ecosystem collapse would slightly worsen li on Earth until it treating fungal infections gradually degraded * Meet the Doomsday Preppers Doomsday Prepping The movement began gaining steam when American's realized the government is rarely there to take care of all of them in an emergency situation. Preppers have taken this fact into account and have decided they can take care of themselves Where to Start in Prepping Even in doomsday, Education is still important. Learning new skills and adapting to new technologies can keep you alive Prepare a 72 hour Bag A72 hour bag also known as a bug out bag is a pack with enough supplies to last you 72 hours. The bug out bag is what you grab when it's time to evacuate Firearms can also be a source of food when hunting comes into play. A gun and the knowledge on how to operate and maintain them is a necessity for a prepper. The majority of shooting skill Whats in the Bag? will be built on confidence Fire starting materials with the weapon Multi Tool Survival knife Water Purification method Rope Food - eating enough calories for 72 hours is important. Focus on high calorie foods like MRES, or Energy bars Water MRE Learning how to build a shelter is also important. It can be learned at home with little instruction Sleeping materials -Sleep replenishes you physically and mentally, and aids your body in healing As many as three million Facts on Doomsday Prepping Americans now fall into the category 'preppers' - people who are making detailed plans for the end of the world as we know it One man from Phoenix keeps 1,000 tilapia fish in the deep end of his swimming pool which he plans to eat when a massive solar flare 'knocks civilization back to the Stone Age A couple living in a gated-home with 25,000 rounds of ammunition have enough food to last ihalfa century There is a reality TV show on the National Geographic More than 300,000 people a month visit the movement's website,,which catalogues how people are preparing for the worst channel called "Doomsday Prepper" which is about the story of real life doomsday preppers Doomsday News The Survival Blog for TEOTWAWKI Resources:

Be Prepared for World’s End: A Survival Guide

shared by shanemarks3 on Nov 04
This is an infographic on being prepared for the end of the world, a survival guide. The Mayan scare in 2012 was one of the closest Doomsday scare that everyone felt.




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