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Basic Safety Tips of Boating Accident.

PREVENT BOATING ACCIDENTS THIS SUMMER WITH THESE SAFETY TIPS With the start of spring in Florida comes the beginning of boating season. There is nothing like spending a day on the boat enjoying yourself with family and friends. The most common types of boating accidents occur because of careless or reckless operation, operator inattention, operator inexperience, machinery failure, and passenger recklessness. Just as you commit to following certain driving rules and regulations, make a commitment to good, positive boating practices with every trip. Prevent boating accidents this year by taking the following steps. DO NOT DRINK AND OPERATE A BOAT. 01 The U.S. Coast Guard reports that alcohol use was the leading contributing factor in 16% of deaths. Spending time on a boat can still be enjoyed without the use of DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE alcohol. DO NOT SPEED. 02 Not only is it unsafe, it is illegal to speed. Many of the waters around Florida have very specific speeding laws because of the wildlife and habitats which are unique to this state. DO NOT SPEED MAINTAIN YOUR BOAT. 03 No matter the age of your boat, you should always clean it thoroughly once you come in for the day. It is also recommended you schedule regular maintenance when you take it out at the start of every season. MAINTAIN BOAT FOLLOW LIFE JACKET LAWS. In Florida, every child under the age of six needs to wear a life jacket when the vessel is in motion. Florida has fairly lenient laws compared to other states but we highly recommend taking every necessary precaution involving life jackets. 04 FOLLOW LIFE JACKET DO NOT CARRY TOO MUCH WEIGHT ON YOUR BOAT. 05 Adding people, gear, food, and drinks to your vessel can leave you over the weight limit easily. Just like an overburdened vehicle does not operate well, it affects your boat in the same way. WEIGHT ON YOUR BOAT PAY ATTENTION TO THE WEATHER. 06 Getting caught in a bad weather pattern may leave you exposed to serious harm, especially if you are in the ocean. If you do get caught in rough weather, you may be risking your life even with access to communications technology. PAY ATTENTION TO THE WEATHER KNOW WHAT TO DO IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY. 07 EMERGENCY The American Boating Association believes in the saying "know before you go" motto. You should know what to DO IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY do in the case of an emergency like a fire onboard or the failure of an instrumental piece of boating equipment. ALWAYS HAVE A MARINE RADIO ON BOARD. 08 A marine radio is instrumental in emergency communications that may be required of you. You cannot depend on a cell phone signal to communicate when you are in distress. MARINE RADIO ON BOARD TAKE A BOATING SAFETY COURSE. The U.S. Coast Guard reports that 20% of deaths on boats 09 TAKE A BOATING SAFETY COURSE occurred on a vessel where the driver had taken a safety course. There are free online boating safety courses,which meet the specifics of your state's boating requirements. PEOPLE WALK AROUND WHILE BOAT IS IN MOTION. 10 Making everyone stay seated allows you to drive safely and prev loses their center of gravity. Seated passengers are safer WALK AROUND WHILE THE BOAT injuries that can be caused when someo passengers. ALLOW PEOPLE TO RIDE ON THE BOW OF THE BOAT. The back of your boat is not designed for seating. If you allow people to sit on the bow while in motion, you risk them falling, interrupt the balance of the vessel, and put them dangerously close to the motor. 11 BOW OF THE BOAT INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY Call Us 561-361-8677 G&K GLOTZER & KOBREN

Basic Safety Tips of Boating Accident.

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