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Australian Immigration Figures

AUSTRALIAN Immigratien Figures The 2011 Census reported that over one in four of Australia's 22 million people were born overseas. Of which 13.6% are from the United Kingdom. Australia remains the most popular destination for Brits. These are just some of the reasons why Britons move to Australia: Great job opportunities in many sectors of the economy. Sunny, warm weather. English is the main language in Australia. Lower property prices: Houses in Australia are also typically double the size of houses in the UK. There are a wide range of outdoor activities. Lower living costs. Australian cities are ranked amongst the top cities in the World to live. In many cases Brits are attracted by the relaxed lifestyle in Australia. Immigration Statistics: On 13th May 1787 a fleet of eleven ships left Britain with two years provi- sion and a cargo of 759 unwilling convicts, their guards, and ships crew numbering - 1530 people in all. The ship anchored Australia on 26th January, 1788 establishing a penal colony to find a solution to the over- flowing prisons of Great Britain. The day is still celebrated as Australia Day. That day marked the 1st Immigration of Britons in Australia. JANUARY 26 During Australian Gold Rush Era of 1851 more English immigrants were lured to Victoria, Australia. By 1854 there were 97,943 England-born people in Victoria. Immigration policies and assistance schemes helped maintain high levels of immigration from England. Of the one million immigrants who arrived between 1860 and 1900, just over half came from England. With the start of First World in 1914 immigration nearly came to a halt. From 1922 the Empire Settlement Act assisted thousands of migrants from England. After World War II, English citizens had almost unrestricted entry into Australia. England-born migrants received assisted passages 1,000,000 British Subjects immigrated under the Assisted Migration Scheme, colloquially becoming known as Ten Pound Poms. To encourage more British migration to immigrate to Australia a new campaign was launched called 'Bring out a Briton'. The community was encouraged to sponsor particular British families and take responsibility or assist them to settle. 0-00 2006 In 2006-07 the number of Britons Migrating to Australia was 31,401. 1,153,264 estimated residents were from UK in Australia according to 2006 census. 0-0-0 2010 In 2008 official Government statistics out of the 149,365 permanent migrants 23,236 came from Britain. In 2010 census the figure became 1,192,878. The Total immigration rose to 25,274 in 2012. Sources: %24

Australian Immigration Figures

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The infographic (below) is a detailed presentation of Australian Immigration Figures putting particular focus on immigrants from the United Kingdom. According to the 2011 Census, over one in four of A...


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