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Are your toys from the 80's worth a fortune?

1980s Cash In The Attic Valuable toys gadgets and video games Ghat you could still have EVER WONDERED HOW MUCH ALL YOUR OLD TOYS, COMICS AND GADGETS FROM THE 1980'S ARE WORTH? YOU COULD HAVE A LOT OF CASH SITTING IN BOXES GATHERING DUST. WE SHOW-YOU WHAT SOME GADGETS AND TOYS FROM YOUR YOUTH ARE BEING SOLD FOR TODAY! 1980 Sony Walkman TPS L2 MADE POPULAR BY "GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY" THIS DEVICE, IF IN MINT CONDITION, CAN FETCH SOME SERIOUS CASH! units sold 385 SONY R6.4k Value million what it would cost WALKMAN in today's RI2K. money original cost RI86 Other valuable 8Os Walkmans to look out for Apple may be the king of portable media in this millennium, but in the 80s, Sony was dominating the market with its portable Walkman cassette player. Here are some other valuable Walkmans from the 80s to look out for. Sony Walkman WMIO Sony Walkman WM-DBC Sony WMWB0O Duel SONY SONY WALHMAN R5.49k R6.40k R9.6lk ebay mint condition ebay • mint condition ebay · mint condition 1982 Savage HeMan THE RAREST HE-MAN FIGURE EVER PRODUCED, SAVAGE HE-MAN WAS MADE AS A PROMOTIONAL MAIL-IN OFFER FOR WONDER BREAD. A LOOSE FIGURE IN DECENT CONDITION STARTS AT $1120 original cost "RI2.8k Value FREE Value if boxed and in mint condition More collectibles From 1982 SZH Sinclair Spectrum Lazor Light Skeletor units sold in Uk R5.55k 5 ailon RI.83K PRETTY AMAZING loose · mint condition CONSIDERING THERE'S ONLY 30 MILLION HOMES IN THE UK. ebay · mint condition boxed R12.8K knight Rider Talking KITT Car The toys from 80s cult tv show "knight rider" still has plenty of value among collectors. A vintage knight value 2000 voice car worth close to $240. The car also comes with a michael knight action figure. GT 2000 CHR This figure had a light-up "laser" feature. Channeling electricity from one aa battery in its backpack to light up the weapon as well as skeletor's eyes. In perfect condition & boxed, this is fetching up to $1120 on ebay. R2.74k ebay · mint condition 1983 ATeam Van with B.A Baracus THE A-TEAM" IS ONE OF THE 80'S MOST ICONIC TV SHOWS. EVERY BOY IN THE UK AND US WANTED THE DISTINCTLY PAINTED CUSTOMIZED VAN AND THE TACTICAL VAN PLAY SET MADE THAT DREAMA REALITY. TODAY, A VINTAGE 1983 VERSION IN ITS ORIGINAL Box COULD BRING AS MUCH AS $640. ATEAM TACTICAL WAN PLAY SET R7.32k original cost Value R36 ATEAM TACTICAL MAN PLAY SET Removable Roof Accessories Incla what it would cost RI130 in today's havow 1984 Transformers Optimus Prime GI GENERATION ONE TRANSFORMERS ARE EXTREMELY COLLECTIBLE, SO IT'S NO WONDER THAT A BOXED OPTIMUS PRIME CAN FETCH AS MUCH AS $2720. BUT THIS IS BY NO WAY THE MOST EXPENSIVE. CHECK OUT THE OTHERS WE'VE LISTED BELOW. original cost R35 R7.32k Value loose · mint condition TRADE FORM ERS Value if in mint condition and boxed R3LIK More insanely valuable 80s Transformers Toys Transformers Skylin Transformers GI RI37K boxed · mint condition Transformers Gl Hot Rod Released in 1986, Sky Lynx is a space shuttle that can turn into a large prehistoric bird or a lynx. A vintage 1986 version still in the box could score you $2,000-$3,500 and make one toy collector so happy he'll give you an uncomfortably long hug. boxed RHOK R4OK value boxed · mint condition 1985 Thunder Wings Liono FINDING A VERY RARE THUNDER WINGS LION-O FIGURE IN YOUR ATTIC IS THE "THUNDERCATS" EQUIVALENT OF FINDING A PICASSO. IT'S NOT WORTH MILLIONS, BUT COULD FETCH S6,000-$8,000 IF IT'S IN PRISTINE CONDITION. Value R914k original cost R45 what it would cost in today's money R730 More collectibles From 1985 Heman BattleCat Teddy Ruxpin R915 to RI830 R8OK boxed · mint condition boxed Star Wars Figure "Vix" RII30 STAR WARS TDROIDS ONE OF THE RAREST STAR WARS FIGURES EVER, VLIX WAS NEVER IN THE STAR WARS FILMS BUT WAS APART OF THE DRIODS CARTOON SERIES. EVEN A LOOSE VLIX CAN FETCH value ISMIS AL AN ORIGINAL 1985 TEDDY RUXPIN WITH ALL THE TAPES, BOOKS AND IN ORIGINAL BOX CAN FETCH AROUND $1100 IF IN MINT CONDITION. LOOSE AND WITHOUT BOX AND ORIGINAL CONTENTS, YOU WOULD BE LOOKING AT $80 to $160. AROUND $3200. R36.6k He-Man The Towers of Eternia 1986 original cost THIS IS THE LARGEST MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE TOY R325 EVER TO BE PRODUCED BY MATTEL. IT FEATURES 3 TOWERS, A MONORAIL TRACK, AND VEHICLES THAT RUN ON THE TRACK AROUND THE PLAYSET. ETERNIA IS COMMONLY REFERRED TO AS "THE HOLY GRAIL" OF MOTU COLLECTING. AN EXTREMELY HIGH PRICE FOR A TOY AT THE TIME LED TO FEW PLAYSETS BEING SOLD. MASTERS ETERNIA -5Tronk Towen Conneged bya Monorized Monorol Sysem-with 3Deren Tom Vehides -Over 50 Aaion-Podked FeoruresG or THE UNIVERSE Value Accessories R201k THE ULTIMATE DATTLEGROUND/ COMES TO LIFE! boxed · mint condition what it would cost in today's money R434K 1980s cash in the attic brought to you by: wonga WALKMAN

Are your toys from the 80's worth a fortune?

shared by janekurve on Jul 14
Are you the type of person who fought to keep those boxes of your favourite 80's toys that filled your childhood. Now these glorious memories are now sitting cash in the attic and you can't go wrong w...


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