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Are You Drink Driving the Morning After?

ARE YOU DRINK DRIVING THE MORNING AFTER? Most people don't realise that alcohol can remain in the blood even after waking up the next day. With Christmas just around the corner, parties and celebrations are on the rise. When you're driving home for Christmas this year, make sure you are sober and safe on the road. If you're driving in the UK, the legal limit is 35mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath There's no way of saying how much you can drink before you reach the limit The amount you can handle depends on a number of variables. On average, you break down one unit of alcohol per hour, but it all depends on: (Hover to find out more) LACK OF ALCOHOL CONCENTRATION AGE GENDER SLEEP What this means is that you could still be over the limit the day after your Christmas party - even if you think you're feeling OK. To illustrate our point, we've created a timeline. One party, twin brothers. One has a sensible night, while the other stays out drinking all night. See how the story unfolds. START WELL HELLO, HI THERE, I'M IRRESPONSIBLE I'M CLEVER CLYDE ROB STARTED DRINKING 8PM STARTED DRINKING STILL PARTYING 9PM - 12AM STILL PARTYING GOES HOME TO 1:00AM GOES OUTSIDE TO BED WITH A GLASS SMOKE WITH OF WATER ANOTHER DRINK SLEEPING 2:00AM ONE MORE DRINK BEFORE HOMETIME... SLEEPING 3:00AM SLEEPING ASLEEP UNTIL ASLEEP UNTIL 4AM - 7AM MORNING MORNING WAKES UP AND 7AM - 10AM WAKES UP AND HAS BREAKFAST HAS BREAKFAST DRIVING SAFELY BUT 11:00AM ROB IS STILL OVER THE LIMIT, AND BY DRIVING IS BREAKING THE LAW. SLIGHTLY TIRED DO DRINK-DRIVING LEADS TO BIG MISTAKES. DON'T BE LIKE IRRESPONSIBLE ROB. HEAVY NIGHTS LEADS TO DANGEROUS DRIVING. MAKE SURE YOU'RE DRIVING SAFE THIS CHRISTMAS. BARLOW ROBBINS Find out more with SOLICITORS Barlow Robbins

Are You Drink Driving the Morning After?

shared by dburke on Mar 08
We know drink driving is an offence, but are you aware of the fact that alcohol can remain in the blood even after waking up the next day. To help illustrate this problem, within the infographic, foll...





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