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Ancient Engineering Wonders of the World

Alan Wood & Partners ANCIENT ENGINEERING WONDERS OF THE WORLD Below are just a few examples of ancient and extraordinary engineering feats that still exist in the modern world today. 2560 ВС El Giza, Egypt THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA The largest and oldest of all ancient pyramids. Modern engineers are still unclear how the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed over 4,500 years ago. There is much debate around how such heavy stones were moved and transported to achieve such an architectural marvel. Were they dragged, lifted or rolled into place? Estimated to contain Blocks travelled Remains the only over 2,000,000 500 miles without member of the Seven limestone blocks. mechanical Wonders of the Ancient assistance. World still largely intact. 3000- 1500 ВС Wiltshire, England STONE HENGE Stone Henge is perhaps one of the most famous examples of ancient engineering and construction. With large stones sourced from all over the United Kingdom, it would have required a huge effort by hundreds of organised Neolithic people to form such a unique monument. 25 TONNE Stone Henge's Mortice holes and The monument was Saracen stones weigh protruding tenons used as a cremation cemetery for several hundred years. in at an average of were created to slot 25 tonnes each. the horizontal lintels to the upright stones. 70-80 AD Rome, Italy THE COLOSSEUM Also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, it is one of the most iconic Roman structures that we know of today. Originally used for gladiatorial contests, the hypogeum was engineered to host activities such as animal hunts, executions and re-enactments of famous battles. Teams of Roman builders, engineers, artists, and painters undertook the skilled tasks, alongside an estimated 100,000 slaves. A seating capacity Oval in shape, the It is the largest of between arena measures Roman amphitheatre 50,000-80,000 187 x 157 metres. ever built. spectators. Alan Wood & Partners specialists cover the entire range of civil engineering disciplines across all sectors in Yorkshire. We capture over 40 years of experience and put this to use by providing the most practical, innovative and effective solutions in civil engineering. Alan Wood & Partners have seven offices across the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region - Hull, Leeds, Lincoln, London, Scarborough, Sheffield and York. Established in Hull in the 1960's, Alan Wood & Partners provide a comprehensive range of engineering services to the construction industry. Alan Wood & Partners are proud to deliver outstanding customer care, delivered by specialist teams, with the skills and experience required. Alan Wood & Partners %23

Ancient Engineering Wonders of the World

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This infographic includes a few examples of ancient and extraordinary engineering feats that still exist in the modern world today.


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