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Anatomy of a Bank Robbery

ANATOMY OF A BANK ROBBERY Since 2007, bank robberies, burglaries and larcenies have been on the decline, but still thousands of bank crimes are recorded each year, resulting in hundreds of millions in stolen cash over five years. From the data, we can tell a lot more about how bank robberies typically take place.. THE TOTAL TAKE From 2007-2011 $240.6 million in loot taken $8,980 average loot taken per bank crime $46.1 million in loot recovered WHERE AND WHEN THEY OCCUR From 2007-2011 3,732 2,125 1,366 BANK CRIMES BANK CRIMES BANK CRIMES In California In Texas In Florida Of robberies occur on Occur between 20% 28% 9AM – 11AM FRIDAY THE PERPETRATOR Of the 32,492 persons known involved, 38% were later identified. Of these... 94% are Men 39% used narcotics 89% were never before convicted of a bank crime HOW THEY HAPPEN GETTING THE MONEY MAKING DEMANDS 54% Use a demand note 54% Make a verbal demand 95% 5% 45% Use the threat of a weapon Of robberies Of robberies involve the involve a vault teller counter or safe 27% Use a firearm ACTS OF VIOLENCE Of the 523 cases involving injury, bank employees are Of the 354 cases involving Of the 85 cases involving hostages, bank employees deaths, the perpetrator most at risk are still most at risk is most at risk Employee 56% Employee 71% Perpetrator 81% Customer 17% Customer 18% Other 8% Perpetrator 14% Employee family 4% Law officer 5% Guard 5% Guard 3% Employee 4% Law officer 5% Other 3% Guard 2% Other 3% THEATRICAL FLAIR If you have to conceal your identity, why not have some fun with it? MITT ROMNEY In December 2012, a man wearing a Mitt Romney mask robbed a Wells Fargo. HILLARY CLINTON Just 2 years prior, the same branch was robbed by a bandit in a Hillary Clinton mask. OLD MAN One group of criminals, who successfully robbed 11 banks over 4 years, wore high quality old man masks. nerdwallet SOURCE:

Anatomy of a Bank Robbery

shared by NWjohn on Jan 24
There’s more to bank robberies than the big screen would have you know. A surprisingly few potential thieves enter guns ablaze, and rarely do they hurt a fly. Yet somehow, bank robberies account for...


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