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Analysing The Strategic Information: Youth SRHR UNFPA 2012

Analysing The Strategic Information: Youth SRHR UNFPA 2012 by Scalway Consulting Population of youth, millions 500 In 2012 In 2040 Africa has 18% East Asia and Pacific Africa will h ave of worlds youth Subsaharan Arica 28% of world's 400 youth South Asia 300 200 2012 Afica has i8% of the warlds youth 2040 Afica hai 2% of the warlds youth Latin America and the Caribbean Angola population pyramid 2011 100 Middle East andN.Africa Europe and Ce 75-20 70- M tral Asia E5 - E9 ED - B4 55-50 1950 2000 2050 Africa has the fastest growing youth population globally, and is predicted by 2040 to have the largest share d the worldi yauth. 25- 29 20 - 24 15- 19 L0 - 14 France population pyramid 2011 70% ,20% 75-79 70 - M of Africans are of Africans are below the age ED -B4 aged 15-24 55-59 50-54 of 30 5-29 20-24 10 - 14 D4 Young women in many African countries face particularly difficult sexual and reproductive health challenges Many African courtries are typited by a young population. This contrasts with other region's aging populations 4 out of avary 5 HIV avected Зх Ry young women are three times more likely than young men to young people ase Ascan becomeHIVinfected Lhamplayad 74 Lhamployed 65 ... ... 15-19 49.8% Employod 51.3% 41.7% 43.7% Inactive Employod 40 percent of young women can list main methods for avoiding HIV infection Inacive 20-24 Parcentageyoung women relying on traditional contr ceptive methods ra 1997 200 For every 100 births in Africa, there are 14 unsafe abortions Strategic information on young people and sexual and reproductive health in Africa is inadequate, incomplete and often out of date. What information there is can be better analysied The chart bekow was developed using data frum a number of UN databases, particularly from UNDATA ong Africa has a relatively good employment rate for yauth but this masksa profaundev of "ndaemplaymr. Circle area 200 = stze of popula- tion aged Niger 15-21 Mali 150 Chad Guinea Zambia Uganda Burkino Faso Sierra Leone Malawi Liberia Nigeria 100 Cent. Af Rep Benin Kenya Senegal -Gabon Mauritania Cape Verde Swaziland Namibia Lesotho Eritrea South Africa Sudan Ethiopia 50 Adolescent Rwanda Botswan a fertility rate. (Births per 1000 women 15-24) Burundi 12.0 17.0 22.0 Unmet need for family plan ning 15-49

Analysing The Strategic Information: Youth SRHR UNFPA 2012

shared by lushomo on Jun 26
The Lushomo team spent over two years working closely with UNFPA. This project involved analysing the UN agency’s strategic information and creating a range of targeted visuals to guide the developm...


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