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Affix Scaffolding mentions about different types of Scaffolding

Affix Scaffolding mentions about different types of Scaffolding Infographic by: Affix Scaffolding AFFiXscaffolding The Strongest in the Industry Aluminium Scaffolding is the modernized and improved form of scaffolding used for carrying out the construction-related work. Construction work differs from one project to the other. It is so; different types of scaffolding are also required. Aluminium scaffolding companies make sure that the correct type of construction tool is possessed by the client. One also needs to cater to the safety issues about the work being executed. The primary aim of the scaffolding is to make sure that proper structure is used for giving adequate support to the main structure. The workers also find it convenient in the executing of the work at the construction site. Scaffoldings have to be made with quality so that all the parameters are met. The different type of scaffoldings and their specialty is listed below:- Trestle Scaffolding:- • This scaffolding is given support, through movable ladders or tripods.+ Primarily used for small work inside the room. • It is convenient to carry and move from one place to another. Steel Scaffolding:- • This scaffolding is made from pure steel tubes. It is joined or interconnected with steel fittings or couplers. • Erecting and dismantling of it is not cumbersome. The special features include – robustness, durable, and very efficient in stopping the fire. • It is a bit expensive but provides a lot of safety to the worker. Patented Scaffolding:- • These are also made of quality steel. A special formed couplings and frames are being fitted to it. • These are pre-fabricated and are quite easily available in the market. • The worker could easily set the working platform on the brackets. One could adjust to a desired level by the worker. Suspended Sacffolding:- • These are mainly used for carrying out paintings or repair work on the building. • With the aid of chains or ropes, the working platform is suspended from the roof. • There is no problem faced in either lifting or suspending of the scaffolding. Cantilever Scaffolding:- • In this scaffolding is properly supported by a chain of needles and is easily pulled out, through holes in the wall. • This is a single frame scaffolding. In a different model, the needles are supported inside the walls through openings. It is also known as double frame scaffolding. • Workers make sure that quality materials are being used for the making of this kind of scaffolding. About US EXPERIENCE OFAFFIX SCAFFOLDING IS MORE THAN A DECADE. THE QUALITY AND VARIETY OF SCAFFOLDINGS PROVIDED BY THE COMPANY SHOWCASE THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORK-REQUIREMENT. THINGS LIKE SAFETY, INNOVATION, QUALITY, INTEGRITY AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE FORMS AN INTEGRAL PART IN THEIR WORK. To know more about Affix Scaffolding, Visit: -

Affix Scaffolding mentions about different types of Scaffolding

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Experience of Affix Scaffolding is more than a decade. The quality and variety of scaffoldings provided by the company showcase the understanding of the work-requirement. Things like Safety, Innovatio...




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