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The Adventures of Identity Girl

Someone has stolen THE ADVENTURES OF Identity Girl's secret identity! IDENTITY Identity FRAUD is the fastest growing crime.. GIRL 242534 %24 24 Cost Of All Other Property Crime Combined. Exposing the Crime Bringing the Justice Identity Theft Identity Girl uncovers a series of clues indicating her identity may have been stolen. Identity Girl moves lightning-fast to mitigate damage and hopefully bring the villain to justice.. Identity Girl monitors her credit score on a regular basis. Her perfect credit score is suddenly lower... (1) Identity Girl's first move is to order her credit report and examine it with her precision vision. Something was clearly amiss, so she took action... 625? BAME Virtually Anyone can fall victim to an identity theft. She has not received mail that she (2) Before any more damage can be done, she calls all of her credit card providers and has them cancel and re-open her accounts under new account numbers. was expecting, which contained some of her personal information... SMACK! Messages have been left on her voicemail attempting to collect a debt for something she had never even heard of... (3) She notifies her bank about the fraudulent acts, and now they are on the look-out for any suspicious activity. POW! Identity girl tried buying a snazzy new cape by paying with a personal cheque... but she was stymied when the cape clerk would not accept it.... 13 CONSECUTIVE YEARS 12.3200.00 (4) With that, ldentity Girl acts lightning fast to file an official report with the local police of the jurisdiction where the crime was committed. WHAM When Identity Girl zoomed to the ATM to get some cash, she noticed that some of her money was mysteriously missing... THATS HOW LONG IDENTITY THEFT HAS BEEN THE MOST REPORTED COMPLAINT TO THE F.T.C. 5) This dynamic diva then communicates one of the 3 credit bureaus to set up a fraud BOOM!S alert, preventing any new She recently received a bill from a medical provider, which is impossible because she is invincible!! accounts from being opened in her name. If you discover that someone has compromised your identity.. (6) She then files an Identity Theft Report with the FTC, giving her the awesome powers to closing fraudulently opened accounts, ceasing unwarranted debt collections, and removing ZAP Identity Girl graduated from Superhero University years ago. She was baffled by recently receiving info about a student loan she didn't apply for... Don't have a "victim mentality" fraudulent information from her After all that, she received a notice from the IRS informing her that more than one tax return was filed in her (7) Using her incredible powers of organization, she keeps meticulous records of all name...! relevant documents and KAPOW everyone she communicates with during this fiasco. These records are then kept in a super-secret location. RIGHT the WRONGS! One of the best ways to stay vigilant is by regularly monitoring your credit score. If something seems suspicious, do some sleuthing! in the end.. Identity Girl's credit score recovers, and her world of finance is safe again..for now. for truth and justice everywhere Brought to you by 0OR Sources: Free Score Report

The Adventures of Identity Girl

shared by pintribution on Apr 06
Can you detect the potential warning signs associated with identity theft? It’s estimated that over 15 million Americans are affected by fraudulent charges, each year. In 2013 alone, the U.S. experi...


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