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8 Superstitions You Should Know in Hong Kong

8 NOVOTEL HOTELS SUPERSTITIONS YOU SHOULD KNOW IN HONG KONG HONG KONG DAILY NEWS COLORS NUMBERS FENG SHUI In Hong Kong, the luckiest number is eight because its Chinese word also Colors also have their own The system uses the laws meaning. The two main colors that are direct opposites of each of Heaven and Earth to improve your life. Feng Shui is taken very other would be Red & Black. means Bejing 2002 "Prosperity and Wealth" seriously; homes or offices need to be arranged in the correct manner to bring about positive Red = Blood, life, wealth, fame and luck. It is a color which is believed to bring happiness. Did you know? Qi Black = Evil, death and The Beijing Olympics' grand opening ceremony commenced at disaster. It is believed to pronounced Ch'i bring misfortune. 8:08 PM NAILS 8/8/08 on You should not clip your toe nails or finger nails at night as it is believed that spirits and ghosts will visit. MOUSTACHES AND BEARDS Despite a long history of beards and moustaches in Chinese heroes and deities pictured with beards, having a moustache is actually considered bad luck by Chinese customs. This can bring misfortune to the family and relatives of the person with the beard.. GIVING GIFTS WHEN EATING If you are looking to give someone a gift, you should never give someone a clock. When you are eating Chinese food and want to put your chopsticks down, please DO NOT stick your chopsticks into your bowl of rice. Reason: Chopsticks stuck in a rice bowl resemble the sign of burning incense at a tomb. IALS Dragons have been associated with Chinese superstitions for thousands of years. In Chinese culture, the dragon is a divine being capable of bestowing happiness and good fortune, not a fire-breathing monster Reason: Giving a clock sounds similar to bidding someone Phoenixes are also auspicious and generally represent the female gender. farewell on their deathbed. It basically means you are sending them off to the great beyond. Lions are fierce and powerful and therefore are usually placed infront of buildings or gates for protection. Tortoises & Cranes are known for their longevity whereas Tigers are symbols of great health and power or strength.

8 Superstitions You Should Know in Hong Kong

shared by TheFluffyFish on Mar 10
Do you wonder why you're not allowed to clip your toenails at night? That's because it's believed ghosts and spirits will visit you! This is one of the beliefs held dearly by many people in Hong Kong....



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