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8 Different Ways Of Pulling Off A Diamond Heist

LET'S GO STEAL S OME DIAMONDS! THE HACKER THE GRIFTER THE MASTERMIND THE THIEF THE MUSCLE Oskills: Hacking any Security/Computer O kill: Intimidation Brute Force. System O skills: Exploitation, Confidence Tricks Ó kills: Stealth, tock Picking, taser Limba OSummary: Overpowers any and all obstacies ÓSummary: Uses hs wwy to forge idendities, bypass any security system, and OSummary: Eaploits negative human characteristics such greed, dishonesty Oskills: Brain Power Strategic Muls-Ange Planning O summary: Uses his ÓSummary: Uses raw skil to gaio entry unnoticed erase any digital tral advanced cognitive MayeA pue powers to recruit the perfect team and plan the perfect CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS LNE - DO NOT CROSS E- DO NOT CROSS E SCENE - DO NOT CROSS CRIME THE AMATEUR JOB OMASTERMIND OMUSCLE JCB Digger, Getaway Speedboat November 7, 2000 203 Carat Millenium Star Diamond $500 million De Beers Exhibit At Caught Red Handed Reason: Sting Operation. London's Millenium Dome. London, UK SUMMARY NOV 07, 2000 ABC NEWS The thieves used a JCB digger to smash through the perimeter fence and gates. Source- CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CR DU NUI CROSS E- DO NOT On CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS CRIME THE INSIDE JOB O THIEF Unknown. The Flawlessness of the Heist Suggests Inside Information December 1 or 2, 2002 S$12 million Royal Jewels The Museon Museum Of Science. The Hague, Netherlands Unsolved SUMMARY The museum was heavily guarded. However, the only sign of any break-in was a smashed window and the empty display cases. Source- DEC 01-02, 2002 The Guardian HowStuffWorks CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS NC-DO NOT CROSS NE-DO NOT CROSS RIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS CRIME THE GENIUS JOB OMASTERVIIND O THEF O HACKER OGRIFTER Silicone Spray, Tape, Forged Keys, Hair Spray February 15 - 16, 2003 Diamonds and Gems |$100 million Busted - Reason: Littering DNA was found on a sand- wich that was thrown out with the rest of the evidence. Antwerp Diamond Center. Belgium SUMMARY The thieves ingeniously disabled 10 layers of security, including infrared heat detectors, doppler radar, a magnetic field, a seismic sensor, and a lock with 100 million possible combinations. Source- FEB 15-16, 2003 Wired CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CR UU NUI CROSS E- DO NOT On CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS CRIME THE HIJAKING JOB O MASTERMIND O MUSCLEO GRIFTER February 25, 2005 Costumes, Guns $118 million Unsolved Amsterdam's Schiphol O Airport, Netherland in Diamond Cargo SUMMART The most expensive diamond heist in history took place at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. The thieves in KLM cargo uniforms hijacked scene of a KLM truck. Source- HowStuffWorks LPEB 25, 2005 ENE - DO NOT on CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS --IL - DU NOT CROSS RIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS CRIM THE CON JOB OGRIFTER March, 2007 Charm Uncut Diamonds and $28 million Precious Gems ABN Amro O Bank. Belgium Unsolved SUMMARY MAR, 2007 Mr. Flomenbaum, masquerading as a businessman, lavished the staff members with gifts and charmed them with his eloquence, gaining VIP access to the bank's vault. Source HowStuffWorks JCK CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CR CRIME THE TUNNEL JOB E- DO NOT On CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS UU NUI CROSS O MASTERMIND O THIEF February 3, 2008 Costumes, Guns $120 million Diamond Cargo O Diamani Showroom. Milan, Italy Unsolved FEB 03, 2008 NE - DO NOT CDO SUMMART The thieves drilled their way to the basement of the showroom masked by a nearby noisy construction project. However, the most prized pieces were on loan to the Oscars. Source- BBC CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS CRIMI RIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS THE DRAG JOB OMUSCLE December 4, 2008 Drag, Guns $107 million Jewelry Harry Winston Store. Paris, France Unsolved S0472008 The four perpetrators were all in drag, and if it weren't for their brandished guns, the entire scene would have looked like a gay pride parade. Source- HowStuffWorks DEC E- DO NOT on CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CR DU NUI CROSS CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS CRIME THE MAKEUP JOB O MASTERMIND O THIEF Prosthetics, Professional Makeup,and Skin Color Alteration August 5, 2009 S $65 million 43 Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces and Watches Graff Diamonds. London, UK Busted - Reason: Incriminating Mobile Phone Left At Scene SOMMARY The two thieves in suits went all out with prosthetics, professional makeup, and skin color alteration for the sake of camouflage, but they left an incriminating mobile phone. Source- AUG 05, 2009 CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CR DU NUI CROSS E- DO NOT on CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS CRIME YouTube Blogger twitter @brilliancecorp BRilliANCe-- Toll Free: 866-737-0754 Email: [email protected]

8 Different Ways Of Pulling Off A Diamond Heist

shared by Georgeb on Jan 17
The "How To Steal Diamonds" infographic lists 8 different high profile diamond heists, some successful, some not.


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