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7 tips to help your seniors adjust to assisted living - The Lodge at Stephens Lake

7 tips to help your seniors adjust to assisted living Assisted living can be a significant transition for seniors , but it does not have to be frightening or intimidating . The transition to assisted living can be a simple and pleasurable experience for everyone involved with the correct support and a few tweaks . Here are seven suggestions to help your seniors adjust to assisted living and make the most of their new surroundings . 1. Include Them in Decision - Making Process ( 706 ) 307-4330 Involving your seniors in decision - making is one of the most important things you can do to help them adjust to assisted living . Inquire about their likes and dislikes , their requirements , and what they hope to gain from assisted living . This will offer them a sense of control over their new house and make them feel more invested in the process . 2. Set Up Their Space Another thing you can do to make your seniors feel at ease is to assist them in setting up their rooms . Encourage them to bring their favourite furnish ings , trinkets , and photos to decorate their new area . A few familiar items can help make a new location feel like home . 3. Encourage them to Participate Assisted living communities provide a variety of activities and events to encourage residents to mingle and stay active . Encourage your seniors to attend these activities and to join clubs or groups that are of interest to them . This will support them in developing new relationships and discover ing new hobbies , which will make the move to assisted living much simpler . 4. Assist them in maintaining contact with loved ones Even if they are in assisted living , elders must maintain contact with loved ones . Encourage kids to use technology to stay in touch with friends and family members , such as video chats or email . You can also assist them in sending cards and gifts to loved ones to show them how much you care . 5. Be encouraging Finally , be available to your seniors during their transition to assisted living . Listen to their worries and respond to their inquiries . Remind them that you care about them and that you adore them . This can greatly ease the adjust ment for everyone involved . 6. Visits and outings should be planned Planning visits and outings with your seniors can help them keep connected to the outside world while also feeling more at home in their new home . Visiting a local museum , taking a walk in a neighbouring park , or trying a new restaurant may all be terrific ways to bond and build memories . 7. Commemorate Milestones and Achievements Finally , remember to honour your seniors ' achievements and milestones . Whether it's a new friendship , a new pastime , or a memorable occasion , these are essential moments that should be celebrated . Celebrating these anniversaries might make your seniors feel more connected to their new home and the people in their lives . Finally , assisting your seniors in adjusting to assisted living can be a difficult but rewarding experience . You may help make the move to assisted living an easy and pleasurable experience for everyone involved by involving them in the decision - making process , setting up their room , encouraging them to get involved , and being sup portive . THE LODGE AT STEPHENS LAKE (

7 tips to help your seniors adjust to assisted living - The Lodge at Stephens Lake

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Assisted living can be the most wonderful thing seniors experience considering the fact that it is tailored for their comfort, convenience and entertainment, however adjusting to it can be a challenge...


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