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7 reasons to keep your son away from Breaking Bad

reasons to keep 35 Breaking Bad away from (your son 56 Any doubts about why this show is a bad teacher2 for your children mind-twisting Here's you can find watching it The only black guy in the show sells meth and fried chicken Wanna make @@Er 80 million dollars? 2 cook meth lie to all your family Here's a to-do list! let somebody die in front of yoU without helping poison a kid kill your co-workers V kill crimingls Cancer tends to disappear when you're into the crime! Cancer is Gone! And it comes back when you go Iquit with meth Skyler! straight your căncer is back! Do you wanna rédeem yourself from your sins? 4 You could become an informer for the police And you'll end up beaten and slaved The right way to do it is to make yourself explode with a drug lord, in a hospital no000|! Morse code Paradise here I come! Dlin Dlin Dlin Dlin 5 A mother who protects her babies is a bitch! LORI SKYLER A concept already shown in THE WÄLKING DEAD CAFARL? Do you truly admire someone and give him gifts? You are my star myperfect silence! Walt Whitman He will rub you out! You have to kill him, 7 Finally, whatever crime you committed Better Call Saul! DVD

7 reasons to keep your son away from Breaking Bad

shared by themaplekind on Sep 26
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A list of 7 mind-twisting principles you can find watching the AMC show "Breaking Bad"


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