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The 7 E's of Teaching Catholic Organizations to use New Media

Teaching atholic Organizations New Media "7 Es to use The 1. Educate 2. Encourage Teach Catholic organizations that they should answer the Church's call to use New Media. Help the organization launch New Media programs or adopt new tools. The media vehicles these organizations use are their front door. They should be well cared for and welcoming to the public Their efforts in New Media may be exactly what the Holy Spirit needed to bring someone back to the Church! .NOT broken, outdated, or uncared for. 3. Expose Excellence 4. Evaluate Give the organization examples of what other organizations have done. When they see inspiring A LE and great things organizations like Provide the organization with tools to evaluate where they currently stand with their use of New Media and help them see possible ways they could improve. them have done using New Media, they just may become more receptive to it. 5. Execute Work with the organization and pinpoint a goal to work toward. Using New Media can be scary for organizations if they haven't used it before. That's why having a goal in mind is so important. 6. Extend Help the organization identify what they are already doing that can be worked into their New Media efforts Creating content for New Media can take a lot of time. If an organization can apply some of what they've already done to their New Media efforts, they won't be so overwhelmed. A in • te 7. Evangelize "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole areation."~Mark 16: 15 Finally, remind the organization of their duty to follow's Jesus last instructions on earth and evangelize through New Media. Infographic compilation/All art (c) Emily McMahon (All rights reserved.) All text and ideas (c) "The Church and New Media" by Brandon Vogt, from Scot Landry's "New Media in the Diocese." All social media icons (c) their respective owners

The 7 E's of Teaching Catholic Organizations to use New Media

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This is an original infographic created for my COM 121 class "Introduction to Mass Media." Based of off Brandon Vogt's book "The Church and New Media," from Chapter 7, "Innovative Shepherding: New Me...


Emily McMahon


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