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65 Years of Roswell Incident

65 Years of Roswell Incident At the beginning of July, strange sequence of events started to unfold, laying the foundations of the most famous UFO incident in American history... Once a cowboy territory with Jingle Bob Ranch, by far the largest US cattle farm, stretching along the vast area equal to the half of today's England, where Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid use to ride (and shoot), Roswell is know today as an Alien capital of the world. It all started 65 years ago, on July the 8th 1947, when Walter Haut from the Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release about a "fAlying disk" recovered from a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. The statement gained a huge public and media attention, already intrigued by the several reports of strange flying objects spotted throughout the June and July that year. Was it really something out of this world? OSWELL TY LIMITS LEV. 3570. July 8th 1947 Roswell (NM) 1 The Project Mogul The very next day another official statement, backed by the apparent debris, denied the previous one, stating it was just a simple weather balloon. Four decades later, US Air Force sought to clear things up and dissuade rumors. According to two reports, published in 1995 and 1997, it turned out a weather balloon was a slightly more sophisticated device, part of a then secret Project Mogul, devised to detect Soviet nuclear tests and Not nearly enough to quell speculation and curb two strikingly different, alternative scenarios; virtually no one seems to believe the Army's side of a story ballistic missiles. Rumors about bizarrely-shaped (alien) bodies recovered along with the debris were also dismissed and replaced with another benign claim about dummies used in the tests. 2 Isawan UFO! Me too, me too! In 1978 Major Jesse Marcel, involved with the original recovery of the debris, publicly shared his belief about the cover-up, re-igniting the UFO-related theory. Former mortician Glenn Dennis and Elias Benjamin, guard at the Roswell AirForce Base, spoke about alien autopsies been carried out at the army base, and due to agile researches, numerous statements and sighting descriptions(of both military personnel and local citizens) resurfaced, all pointing to the possibility of the extraterrestrial object visiting Earth. One of the witnesses even declared one of the aliens was still alive at the time of the crash, and the others mentioned corpses, along with the unusual aircraft. Meanwhile, various accounts of witness intimidations were also reported, along with some questionable documents describing the involvement of high ranking US officials and agencies, responsible for keeping the information hidden from public. Subsequently published, sworn statements from Glenn Dennis and Walter Haut stirred even more controversy, leaving more questions un-answered, in spite of the countless researches, books, reports and documentaries published since the incident. So, aliens 3 Operation Paperclip landed near Roswell after all? Third theory decisively says - no. Even some prominent ufologists believe the story about aliens was a purported hoax, devised to deceive the public. And for the proponents of this hypothesis, one of the key questions is - why were the men from 509th Bomb Group from Roswell Army Air Base deployed? And there are so many more. What was the role of Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit? Did J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, really visit the crash site, accompanied with Werner von Braun, German rocket scientist? It all began at the end of the World War II, when allied forces, under orders from President Harry Truman, started Operation Paperclip and grabbed hundreds of German scientists and the technology they've developed during the course of the war, in order to exploit it further (and deny those resources to the Soviet Union). According to this theory, it wasn't an alien spacecraft that crashed into the desert; it was a device created by those scientists, located in White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico, and Wright Field, Ohio, exactly where the debris and the corpses were taken from Roswell. The aircraft recovered could well be the improved world's first stealth bomber, Horten Ho 229 (Flying Wings), designed in Germany in 1944, built with advanced alloys such as nitinol (nickel-titanium alloy), which could perhaps explain the witnesses' statements about debris not of terrestrial origin (hence the phrase "it must be from space"). The most sinister part of the story goes on to explain bizarrely shaped bodies, suggesting they were humans with rare diseases like progeria, or even the victims of horrible experiments, known to be taken by scientists in German concentration camps. outer 80% Flying Saucer Alien Autopsy The phrase "flying saucer" was (incorrectly) coined upon the testimony of pilot Kenneth Arnold, describing the flying object he witnessed at the time as "skipping like a saucer". Producer Ray Santilli in 1995 released a film footage showing an alien autopsy, allegedly taken by an US Army official. Ten years later Santilli acknowledged most of the recording was a reconstruction, still claiming some of the frames were a genuine material. Hiding Half a decade later, CNN/Time conducted a poll which showed 80% of Americans thinks the government is hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. Sources:,,,, INFOGRAPHIC BOX 2012. Creative Director: Boris Benko, Project Manager: Mario Gatara InfographicBox IDS All information and materials are obtained from a publicly available sources believed to be accurate, and are subject to copyrights owned by other individuals or entities, appropriately stated under the sources list.

65 Years of Roswell Incident

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July 8th, 1947 At the beginning of July, strange sequence of events started to unfold, laying the foundations of the most famous UFO incident in American history . . .


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