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5 Types of Extreme Hoarders

Types of NTREME HORBDERS. There's always that one item in our collection that is almost impossible to relinquish. But what if when we hoard objects we don't necessarily need? Below is an Infographic about five types of extreme hoarders who╩╗ll make you consider organising your own clutter! Infamous for purchasing food items in bulk for fear of scarcity or natural disasters, they own a small supermarket filled with goods. The Food Hoarder Example: Honey Boo Boo star, Mama June, acquiring a mountain supply of mayonnaise, cheesy balls and other processed goods, thanks to couponing. Notorious for taking care of stray or injured creatures, they endeavour to make home for more animals than their space permits. The Animal Hoarder Felines, Canines and Avians on the loose : In Lynnfield, Massachusetts, 199 animals were hoarded in a small home including 77 and (27; yikes! cats 81 birds dogs Outcome? Litter, catfights and hairballs! Highly intellectual and knowledgeable, famous for accumulating information through books, magazines and documents. TheKnowledge Hoarder Example: Jozsef Tari, with over 5,200 mini-books, he has a library of limited and century old books. These hoarders typically have careers in engineering or science, but is their data is valid in today's world??? These hoarders find value in the most unusual and impractical items. From board games with missing pieces to broken recliners, they store so much unnecessary objects that everyday household items are unreachable. The Obscure Items Hoarder Example: Charlotte Lee quacks a paramount 5,000 rubber duck varieties that conquer her entire basement. Mostly celebrities or shopaholics, they find happiness in the purchasing of grand items or bargains. The Shopping Hoarder Example: World's most famous shoe hoarder, Imelda Marcos, boasts an impressive 3,000 shoes, putting any fashion guru to shame. Outcome? Huge pile of unopened goods and boxes permeating the house. CONCLUSION You may not have an extreme hoarding addiction, but if you want to find out how to store furniture, equipment and goods, FORT KNOX STORAGE provide solutions for all your storage dilemmas. With over 25 convenient Queensland locations, go to to request a quote today!

5 Types of Extreme Hoarders

shared by coconut14 on May 01
This infographic shows some of the weirdest and wackiest types of hoarders.


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