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5 Tips to Prevent Auto Accidents in Fresno, CA

5 TIPS TO PREVENT A CAR ACCIDENT IN FRESNO , CA Car accidents happen everyday , around the world . California is no stranger to them . This infographic is based on tips given to help new drivers . Although it may be geared towards drivers with little to no experience , Geico lists many things that ALL drivers should know and follow . GO THE SPEED LIMIT As drivers get more comfortable on the road and in places they frequent , the speed limit becomes more of a suggestion than a law required speed . Speeding and swerving are signs of a reckless driver and can either up the chances of the driver getting in an accident or create an accident on the road around them . At the end of the day , it's not worth it to speed . To avoid any situations like this , give yourself plenty of time to be on time to the place you're driving to . 2 With phone calls , changing your music , and the worst .... texting , your phone should be the least distracting thing you deal with while you drive . It's important to call back , text later , and have a playlist on shuffle to help minimize holding your phone and engaging with it while driving . There is a " Do Not Disturb " feature you can set on your phone that will automatically text the person texting you , if you are driving . There are also phone holders you can get for your dashboard so you don't hold your phone while driving , and if necessary , it wil be easier to view notifications that pop up . STAY OFF OF YOUR PHONE Driving under the influence is one of the worst decisions someone could make . Whether it's alcohol , marijuana , or some other type of drug , driving under the influence affects your reactions and reflexes and can affect you and the people on the road around you ! If you or someone you're driving with is under the influence , there are other ways to get home safely . Uber and LYFT are perfect examples of transportation you can take without having to drive yourself . You could also designate a friend as the driver , so their duty is to stay sober all night . You can switch it up each time you go out to ensure everyone has their turn . If all else fails , plan to stay the night at a friends house , if they live nearby , where you can just walk . 4 Although California has mild weather compared to other states in the east , thunderstorms and hydroplaning still happen . It's important to make sure your car is up to par for all weather types . Good windshield wipers , tires with good tread , and working headlights are all a must when it comes to stormy days in California . While driving through a storm , these three things are important to remember : 1. Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you . Braking on the freeway can happen , so it's important to have enough room to stop . USE YOUR SIGNALS BE PREPARED FOR ALL WEATHER TYPES 2. Keep up with the speed limit around you . Going too slow can actually cause unnecessary congestion , while speeding can maximize your chances of hydroplaning or running into someone else . DON'T UNDER DRIVE THE INFLUENCE 3. Last but not least , make sure to use your signals . It's important to show the other drivers that you're merging or getting into another lane , especially when it may be dark and foggy , which makes it hard to see clearly . 2 % DECLINE DATA SHOWS CAR ACCIDENT STATISTICS IN CALIFORNIA . 2018 HAD 39,404 DEATHS WHICH DECREASED BY 2 % TO 38,800 DEATHS IN 2019 . Like it was mentioned above , turn signals are a MUST for bad weather . BUT they are also a must for all weather . Turn signals indicate that the driver is wanting to merge or change lanes . It shows the other drivers around that they need to be cognizant to the merging driver . USE YOUR BLINKERS ! # OF DEATHS 40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000 2018 YEAR sit Designed by BenchMark Internet Marketing || Info from : Geico 2019 All of the tips mentioned above do not guarentee you won't ever get in a car accident BUT they can certainly help you in doing your best to prevent one . Car accidents are inevitable though , so it's a good idea to have a car accident lawyer like Steven P. Roberts . He has two decades of experience as a Fresno Car Accident Attorney . over

5 Tips to Prevent Auto Accidents in Fresno, CA

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