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5 Things NOT to Do When Moving House

NOT to Do 5 Things When Moving House When moving house, often times people get too consumed on their future life to pay proper attention to the things they are doing. The overexcitement of the upcoming change can cloud your mind to some of the things you actually shouldn't be doing, but yet you continually are. Don't worry, it happens to everybody. All you have to do is keep a clear mind and focus on the move itself rather than what comes next – after all, what comes next will not be as gratifying if you forget to do something vital, right? Here are some of the things that might slip your mind : Not Redirecting Mail People forget about their mail all the time. It is something that trips you up when trying to get to the front door in the morning, but every now and then you do receive important envelopes like bills and notices. Do remember to redirect your mail to your new address, otherwise you risk missing the payment dates on different and important types of bills because that pesky notice never came to your door. That is a bad way to start a new life, yes? Hire the Moving Company Before You Plan Your Move People rush off to find the proper moving company, but sometimes they hire it as soon as they find it, and then start planning on the move. When hiring a removal company, you need to set a date of the move, and you can hardly do that before you start packing or at least overview what you will load and unload at your new address. After finding the right company for you, just stop right there and get back to your house to continue planning your move. Get everything else sorted, pack, and only then call up the removals to start the move. Keep the company away for the last minute. You can, however, get a moving consultant from the company over to appraise the move, get the moving checklist, and tell you the approximate price of the move. Not Make a Moving Checklist Speaking of moving checklists, do make one. People forget about this and immediately start packing when they have decided that the moving date is nigh. And what happens when your sentimental souvenirs or a whole box of sheets turns out missing after you arrive at the new address? The moving company cannot be held accountable for whatever goes missing if it was never on a loading list, so even if they are at fault, you cannot blame them. Even before the packing starts, you need to take a pen and paper and go around the house, writing down everything - literally everything - that you will load on those removal vans. Clear Out the House You wouldn't be the sort of person to leave all your rubbish behind, would you? Just because you are no longer needing the house does not mean you have to leave it looking like a slob's nest for the next occupant. Get all your waste cleared out and all the rubbish disposed. There will be people just like you living here after a while, do not leave the house smelling of rot and musk. Be a proper fellow and clear things out before you leave. Forget End of Lease Cleaning And after everything is packed and cleared, you should not immediately leave the old house and forever think about it again after dropping off the keys at your landlord's. If you want to be a proper tenant, a good floor scrubbing and some cleaning won't hurt anybody. Especially if you want your deposit back. Roll up your sleeves and give the house a go with that mop and cloth, even if you only want it to look good superficially. AND NOW you are ready to start that new chapter of your life. GET ON with your moving process, GET THE REMOVAL COMPANY AROUND, finish up with all the hassle that moving entails, and then START WORKING on building YOUR NEXT NEW HOME. Affordable Man and Van services infographics provide by: 020 8746 4377 MOVINGDAY

5 Things NOT to Do When Moving House

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Often times people get too consumed on their future, when moving house. The over-excitement of the upcoming moving can lead to some of the things you actually shouldn’t be doing, but yet you continually are.




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