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5 Effective Marketing Tips to Increase Student Engagement

Olobjective Strategy | Creative | Digital 5 Effective Marketing Tips to Increase Student Engagement Here are several effective marketing tips that will help engage prospective students: 1. Form a link between student passions and their careers Latest soc: driven by pursuing what interests young people, as opposed to what teachers, parents or politicians believe is the best option for them. media coverage has highlighted that career success is For instance, Facebook has featured a trending video called "What if money was no object?" where British-born philosopher Alan Watts has wise and eye-opening advice for young people to do what they love during life and not settle for anything less. Universities should draw the link between the “doing what you love" approach to driving potential careers. A good example of an effective marketing campaign is Birmingham Metropolitan College's latest campaign “Let what you love become what you do". 2. Talk to prospective students on their wavelength Student's engagements with brands are constantly changing. Remember young people between the ages of 16 and 24 have never lived in a world without the internet. Bear factors like this in mind to avoid applying your past experiences at university, to targeting future students. Don't talk down to prospective students, as unsuccessful university campaigns in the past have made similar mistakes, because it can devalue a learner from the off. The trends of engaging with young people on their level is ever increasing, as more universities are looking to adopt a more personal, informal approach, using peer-to-peer recommendation and alumni advocacy. This is because student testimony in marketing material is current and has a percieved value. 米 3. Target your young demographic through multiple channels Effective marketing should attract prospective students with purposeful and relevant messaging in the right spaces, and not interrupt them by buying' their eyes and ears. In a recent study, many students have said that university is more to do with the experience as opposed to their actual degree, so your messages will be more meaningful if wider interests are targeted. Universities should engage with their audience in places they are likely to be, using multiple communication channels such as print, digital, social media, radio etc, as there is no longer a 'first media'. 4. Immerse your marketing creative from the influences of student culture University will form tight cliques and social circles, which is influenced by music, fashion, sport and other miscellaneous interests. This means marketing ideas will echo the current trends of student culture to ensure prospective students will feel they will fit in and belong at their university. Universities should be inspired by popular brands that are outside higher education and engage with a young demographic. An example of this approach is Wagamama, who undertook experimental campaigns at key student locations such as festivals to drive their 'incentive-baseď campaigns. 5. Prepare for the future There is no clear path into university as a result of policy changes throughout England and Wales. Various institutions will demand and offer different bursary packages and this clouds the marketing message overall. Both student expectations and sector competition have increased and this should be influencing universities to take a new look at their promise of value, so they can be clear about what it is they can offer students that other competitors don't. Unlike UK universities, who have been commercialising over the past 10 years, American universities have been using new technology to attract and keep new students. For example, Yale have been using YouVisit to create an interactive virtual tour of their campus that can be accessed through website and mobile. As an award winning integrated digital marketing agency, our digital teams combine effective strategy, creative design and technical expertise. And as the entire agency was formed in a digital age, we always consider the latest technologies, instinctively, and innovatively. For more information visit

5 Effective Marketing Tips to Increase Student Engagement

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Here are several effective marketing tips that will help engage prospective students.


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