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4 Important Ways Exercise Can Improve The Quality of Life for Seniors

4 Impactful Ways Exercise Can Improve Quality of Life for Seniors Exercise as a form of recreation is common in younger adults , but as people age , the desire and the ability to exercise diminishes . It's normal to not have the stamina we once enjoyed when youn ger - but getting older doesn't have to mean you become a couch potato . 2. Reduced risk of certain diseases As an older adult , regular exercise can delay or even prevent many of the health problems that set in with age . Arthritis , stroke , diabe 1. Improved mental health and cognition Cognition is defined as the ability to think , learn , and remember . As we age , cognition declines , but studies have proven a link between ongoing physical activity and benefits for the brain . tes , and heart disease are major health concerns of seniors that studies have shown you can lower the risk of by simply exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet . 4. Exercising regularly to improve quality of life With all the added benefits of regular exercise for seniors , one of the biggest obstacles is just getting up and moving around . Whe ther you live in an apartment or a home , there are many aerobic activities that you can safely do on your own to become active and set yourself on a path toward better overall health and wellbeing . € 3. Boosted immune system The human immune system becomes less responsive at responding to new illnesses as we age , but the good news is that exercise helps improve the efficiency of the immune system . Choosing a regular exercise routine that affords consistent physical activity will help reduce your risk of chronic health problems and improve your quality of life for years to come . Visit us at or call us at ( 706 ) 307-4330 . ( 905 ) 337-5830 THE LODGE AT STEPHENS LAKE

4 Important Ways Exercise Can Improve The Quality of Life for Seniors

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Exercise is known to produce “feel good” hormones but in addition to that it is especially important for elders to include movement in their regular life as it helps them gain strength and improve...


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