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28 Stranger That Touch Your Trade Show Exhibit

28ST STRANGERS that touch your trade show exhibit Follow a trade show exhibit shipment on its journey from our warehouse in Orlando, FL to its show destination in Las Vegas and back - here's what actually happened. Exhibit Sorvice Conter These are the 28 'Strangers' that touched, handled, or worked on the exhibit properties. Building the exhibit next-door and are going through two of the exhibit crates thinking they are theirs until TS CRĒW points out that they arent. 17 18 After TS CREW has completed the build, more forklift drivers take away empty crates to be staged and cataloged outside. The driver from the local freight service picks up shipment from our warehouse to deliver it to national carrier's warehouse. 15 19 The rigging crew to hang the hanging sign also needs to move crates around to get the boom in place.. Loads the empty exhibit crates onto a trailer where they will be taken off- property until after the show. The local delivery driver unloads the exhibit at TS CREW's warehouse - back where it started just 22 days ago. TS CREW by Trade Show Supply 12 13 After the show, 'Stranger 21' unloads empty crates from trailer where they will wait for 'Strangers 22&23'to return them as close to the booth space as possible Back at the national carrier's warehouse in Orlando- 'Stranger 27' unloads exhibit and loads it onto local delivery truck. At national carrier's warehouse- operator unloads exhibit and stages it for west- bound shipping. IBEW union electricians need to shift some of the exhibit materials in order to lay the electrical drops... "Stranger 26' loads exhibit crate onto Florida- bound trailer 26 10 11 Deliver separate order of carpet and pad.. 25 Forklift operator loads exhibit into trailer that is going to Las Vegas. A forklift driver that is delivering carpet to another booth bumps into the reception counter, creating a 3" gash that now needs to be repaired last-minute! Once TS CREW repacks the exhibit, 'Stranger 24'forklifts the exhibit crates back to the loading dock where they are loaded onto the local truck. Shipment arrives at Las Vegas carrier's cross-dock- 'Stranger 25'unloads exhibit and stages it for Florida-bound shipping. Deliver the exhibit crates to the booth space, or as close as they can get it. 2 aisles over. On the day of move-in, 'Stranger 6' loads exhibit onto one of many trailers bound for the Las Vegas Convention Center At Advance Warehouse Receiving, "Stranger 5'unloads the freight with a forklift and the exhibit is moved to an area reserved for the show where it waits for the show move-in date. 4 At LVCC, a union forklift driver, stages the exhibit at the appropriate dock door. The long-haul driver that is driving the exhibit to Las Vegas- at several stops he has to move the crates around with a pallet or forklift to adjust its placement to unload other shipments. TS CREW Your Best Choice for Trade Show & Event Labor

28 Stranger That Touch Your Trade Show Exhibit

shared by TSCREW on Jun 10
The following is a list of the ‘Strangers’ that touched, handled, or worked on your trade show exhibit properties, many of whom you never know or think about.


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