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The 27 Most Deadly Human Stampedes of All Time And Why They Happened

THE 27 MOST DEADLY HUMAN STAMPEDES OF ALL TIME AND WHY ΤH ΕY HAPPENED Fatalities Injuries (If known) Total Present (If known) PONTE DAS BARCAS BRIDGE COLLAPSE 5,000 MARCH 29, 1809 PORTUGAL Portuguese citizens tried to cross the bridge as they fled Marshal Soult troops during the Napoleonic Wars, causing it to collapse. 2015 MINA STAMPEDE 2,262 934 SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 MINA, SAUDI ARABIA During the Haji pilgrimage, pilgrims were rushing to finish their rituals. Two large groups intersected, and several fell. This resulted in a chaotic, inescapable crush and stampede. 2 MILLION 1990 MECCA TUNNEL TRAGEDY 1,426 5,000 JULY 3, 1990 MECCA, SAUDI ARABIA Seven people had fallen from a bridge onto people exiting the tunnel below. This caused a blockage, and the 1,000-capacity tunnel filled with 5,000 people. The tunnel's ventilation system failed, leading to deaths from overheating and suffocation. This is a different bridge, but demonstrates the dangers due to crowds and intersecting tunnels/bridges KHODYNKA TRAGEDY 1,389 o1,300 MAY 18, 1896 RUSSIAN EMPIRE Following the coronation of Nicholas II, people gathered to receive coronation gifts. Word spread that there was not enough gifts for everyone; chaos erupted, causing massive crushes. 500,000 BAGHDAD BRIDGE STAMPEDE • 953 e 328 AUGUST 31, 2005 BAGHDAD, IRAN Pilgrims were marching toward the Kadhimiya mosque. Rumors spread that a suicide bomber was among them, causing panic. The crowd rushed the bridge, which was closed, so there was no place for the crowd momentum to go. Many fell from the bridge or were crushed by the crowd. 1 MILLION 1954 KUMBH MELA STAMPEDE • 800 Kro2,000 RUSFIEL FEBRUARY 3, 1954 KUMBH MELA FESTIVAL, INDIA 1000lnjured A surging crowd in a narrow space broke through the barriers separating them from a procession of sadhus, holy men, and politicians, resulting in a stampede. red About 50 !akhe Take Hol 4 MILLION FROM OUR ALLAHABAD Ore of the werst a h IROQUOIS THEATER FIRE 602 250 DECEMBER 30, 1903 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Sparks from a stage prop ignited nearby curtains and canvas scenery. Panic ensued. Many emergency exits were locked with unfamiliar bascule locks. Fire escapes were unfinished or too icy and narrow to navigate safely, resulting in deadly falls. The theater was advertised as "Absolutely Fireproof." 2,100 COCOANUT GROVE FIRE 492 o130 NOVEMBER 28, 1942 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS A young soldier unscrewed a light bulb in order to give himself and his date some privacy. A busboy was instructed to fix the light and lit a match to see better, then extinguished the match. However, artificial palm trees nearby lit on fire shortly after. Patrons attempted to exit through the revolving door entrance, which was useless against the stampede. Bodies piled up within, jamming it. The true cause of the fire remains a mystery. COANITE 2006 HAJJ STAMPEDE 363 1,000+ JANUARY 12, 2006 MINA, SAUDI ARABIA Tens of thousands of pilgrims were rushing to finish the symbolic Stoning of the Devil ritual. Some tripped over luggage, which triggered a stampede. A depiction of the Stoning of the Devil ritual GALLERIA DELLE GRAZIE TRAGEDY 354 RISERVATA AUE FON ОСТОВER 23, 1942 GENOA, ITALY During an attack by the RAF Bomber Command in WWI, people rushed into a railway tunnel being used as an air-raid shelter. Many fell down the 150 steps leading underground, causing tripping and crushing. PHNOM PENH STAMPEDE 347 755 NOVEMBER 22, 2010 PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA S 100.000 During the Khmer Water Festival, people overloaded a bridge and became trapped. Panic erupted as both ends began pushing. The middle of the bridge collapsed, causing crushing and suffocation. 4 MILLION LIMA FOOTBALL DISASTER 328 500 MAY 24, 1964 LIMA, PERU During a vital match between Peru and Argentina, the referee made an unpopular decision that sparked outrage. Peruvian fans rushed the field, causing police to fire tear gas into the crowd. Many suffered internal hemorrhaging and suffocation from crushing as the crowd fled. 令 53,000 2016 ETHIOPIAN PROTESTS 300 OCTOBER 2, 2016 ETHIOPIA During the annual thanksgiving festival of the Oromo people, police confronted protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets, and batons. This triggered a stampede, and many were trampled within deep ditches or drowned in a lake. 2 MILLION MANDHARDEVI TEMPLE STAMPEDE 291 • 200 JANUARY 25, 2005 MAHARASHTRA, INDIA During the Shakambhari Purnima festival, pilgrims converged on the Mandhardevi temple. Some pilgrims slipped on the steep stone steps, which were wet with coconut water and fruit given led to a stampede; a fire that broke out in nearby shops aggravated the chaos. goddess offerings. This as 300,000 BROOKLYN THEATRE FIRE 278 o 100S DECEMBER 5, 1876 NEW YORK, UNITED STATES A catastrophic fire erupted while 1,000 guests were attending. Only one stairway was accessible by the top- floor guests (those with the cheapest tickets), causing a jam that trapped half of the attendees. The disaster led to an overhaul of New York City fire codes and theater regulations. 1,000 1994 HAJJ STAMPEDE 270 o 200+ MAY 23, 1994 MECCA, SAUDI ARABIA During the Stoning of the Devil ritual, pilgrims overcrowded the Jamaraat Bridge, causing many to fall off the edges. 2.5 MILLION 2004 HAJJ STAMPEDE 251 200+ FEBRUARY 1, 2004 MINA, SAUDI ARABIA The arrival of buses carrying pilgrims to the Jamaraat Bridge caused pilgrims to trip, leading to a lethal stampede. This occurred during the Stoning of the Devil ritual. KISS NIGHTCLUB FIRE 242 630 JANUARY 27, 2013 SANTA MARIA, BRAZIL A pyrotechnic device used by the band performing that night ignited the flammable acoustic foam on the ceiling. Many victims died from smoke inhalation, and others were crushed at the exits. Authorities stated that the lack of emergency exits and the overcrowding of the venue contributed to the tragedy. 2008 JODHPUR STAMPEDE 224 500 SEPTEMBER 30, 2008 Pilgrims were visiting the Chamunda Devi temple on the first day of the Navratri festival. The moment temple doors opened, devotees tried to rush inside and destroyed the barricades. People slipped down the slope approaching the temple, further igniting the stampede. 小 25,000 VICTORIA HALL DISASTER 183 100 JUNE 16, 1883 SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND Children ages 3 to 14 were crushed when over 1,000 children stampeded down a blocked stairway to collect gifts from entertainers after a variety show. It led to the invention of the "push bar" emergency door. 1,100 COLLINWOOD SCHOOL FIRE 175 MARCH 4, 1908 COLLINWOOD, OHIO The school only had two exits, causing bottlenecks and trampling as children tried to escape. The cause of the fire is disputed. It may have been because the boiler was running too hot or because girls were smoking in the basement. BETHNAL GREEN BETHNAL GREEN TUBE STATION DISASTER 173 90 MARCH 3, 1943 LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM NTRAL INE The Tube station was regularly used as a shelter during German bombing raids. When air raid sirens blasted, civilians fled into the tubes. Nearby anti-aircraft guns were mistaken as bombs, causing the crowd to panic. A woman lost her footing and dropped her baby, causing a massive pileup while the back of the crowd kept pushing unaware. BETHNAL GREEN 1,500 WAY OUT HARTFORD CIRCUS FIRE 168 700 JULY 6, 1944 HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT A fire broke out during a performance. Exits became congested, and people fell over each other in a panic. Some piles were three bodies deep. 6,000 NAINA DEVI STAMPEDE 142 150 AUGUST 3, 2008 HIMACHAL PRADESH, INDIA The collapse of a rain shelter was triggered by a false cry of "landslide!", sparking chaos. Victims were crushed, trampled, or forced over the side of a ravine by the momentum of the large panicking crowd. 3,000 FIREWORKS CELEBRATION OF LOUIS XVI AND MARIE ANTOINETTE 133-3,000 MAY 30, 1770 PARIS, FRANCE e A fireworks display to celebrate the wedding of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette set mannequins and décor aflame, leading to a panic that caused trampling and drowning in the Seine. ACCRA SPORTS STADIUM DISASTER 127 MAY 9, 2001 ACCRA SPORTS STADIUM, GHANA Two beloved football teams played that day. Fans objected to referees announcing the victor, causing unruly outrage. Police fired tear gas into the crowd, causing a stampede toward the locked exits. 2003 STATION NIGHTCLUB FIRE * 100 230 FEBRUARY 20, 2003 WEST WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND Pyrotechnics during a Great White show ignited the explosive fire. Despite the four possible exits, most people rushed toward the way they had entered. The narrow hallway caused a stampede and crush. 462 SOURCES: SmartAdvocate

The 27 Most Deadly Human Stampedes of All Time And Why They Happened

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The importance of crowd control, crowd management, and a proper emergency exit protocol is often overlooked until a devastating human stampede occurs. Throughout history, human stampedes and crushes h...


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