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25 Years of Health and Safety Legislation in the UK

25 YEARS OF HEALTH & SAFETY LEGISLATION Every worker in the UK has the right to come home from work safely every day. To ensure that this happens, Health and Safety legislation is put into place to hold employers responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees, and hold employees responsible for following the rules put into place for the sake of their own safety and of those around them. In the past 25 years, several major new Health and Safety legislations have been put into place in the UK that have drastically reduced the number of work-related fatalities each year, and not just in the construction industry. Let's take a look at these legislations and the impact they've had. 1990-2015 PROTEC PRODUCTS YEAR LEGISLATION REASON POPULARISED To prevent environmental pollution by asbestos through regulated handling and control, as even very small amounts of asbestos P3 Respirators Dust masks Type 5/6 Coveralls THE 1990 CONTROL OF ASBESTOS IN THE can cause serious illness or death AIR REGULATIONS 1990 FATALITIES AT WORK: 433 To hold employers responsible for providing appropriate PPE to employees for the specific hazards and risks faced in Hi-Vis workwear THE PERSONAL 1992 PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) AT their line of work WORK REGULATIONS 1992 FATALITIES AT WORK: 339 DOWN 22% Full-face respirators To regulate the safe installation, operation and maintenance of appliances utilising gas THE 1998 GAS SAFETY (INSTALLATION AND USE) REGULATIONS 1998 FATALITIES AT WORK: 253 DOWN 25% To properly control the potential risks to people and the environment from Gloves and antibacterial products THE biocidal substances 2001 BIOCIDAL PRODUCTS REGULATIONS 2001 FATALITIES AT WORK: 251 DOWN 1% To introduce regulations that help prevent injury or death caused by a fall from height Fall prevention products including harnesses and lanyards THE WORK AT HEIGHT 2005 REGULATIONS 2005 FATALITIES AT WORK: 217 DOWN 14% To place legal duties on everyone involved in construction work to improve health and safety, follow proper risk assessment Hard hats Hi-Vis work-wear Rigger boots THE CONSTRUCTION (DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT) REGULATIONS 2007 2007 planning and management, and ensure the right people are on site at all times to manage said risks FATALITIES AT WORK: 233 UP 7% To make the posters more readable and engaging, thus maximising their efficacy The new Health and Safety Law poster itself RE-DESIGN 2009 OF THE HEALTH AND SAFETY LAW POSTER 2009 FATALITIES AT WORK: 147 DOWN 37% To introduce fees when Health and Safety Executives (HSE) visit sites and see material breaches of the law, and spend time correcting and investigating the breaches, plus taking Next Day Delivery became even more important to Protec Direct customers, thanks to a need for faster access to safety products FEE FOR INTERVENTION (FFI) 2013 enforcement action 2014 FATALITIES AT WORK: 133 DOWN 10% Two of the most recent pieces of legislation introduced are the Mines Regulations 2014 and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2014, an update to the previous legislation in 2007. 2015 The number of workplace fatalities is now a fraction of what it was 25 years ago, but that's not enough. Protec Direct are dedicated to providing companies of all sizes and across many industries with high-quality and effective PPE for their staff, so everyone can stay safe and free from injury at work. And in those 25 years, Protec Direct have made incredible progress as a business too. Take a look at our timeline to discover some of the biggest achievements we've made in the past quarter century. 1990 1992 1998 PPE clothing range launched SIG Plc purchases Protec Direct Siebe Protec sold and becomes 'Protec' 2001 2005 2009 Protec Direct launches first Restraint and fall arrest equipment range launched Site equipment and consumables range launched website 2013 2015 Kardex warehouse system management implemented 4pm Next Day Delivery cut-off and Feefo feedback launched References PROTEC DIRECT

25 Years of Health and Safety Legislation in the UK

shared by silverbeansam on Apr 19
We wanted to measure the success of the last 25 years worth of Health & Safety legislation here in the UK. This infographic highlights the legislation that's come in to force, the products that have ...


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