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23 Surprising Fun Facts for Easter You Might Not Know

Happy Easter 1 Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of Spring. (2 The name "Easter" has Pagan origins. Though it's one of Christianity's most important events today, the name “Easter" is believed to have originated from Eostre, the Pagan goddess of spring and fertility. 3 Easter eggs are considered a symbol of new life and rebirth. 4 Eggs contain almost every single nutrient essential to humans. 5 The Easter Bunny was originally the Easter Hare. He functioned as a sort of Easter Santa Claus, evaluating children's behaviour and rewarding the "good" ones with colourful eggs. 6 Criginally, children built nests so the Easter Hare could leave eggs inside them. The twig-and-leaf nests and egg gathering evolved into the Easter baskets and egg hunts of today. (7 Coloured eggs have been in use for 5,000 years. They first were used around 3,000 BC in Persia, where people exchanged red-dyed eggs on the first day of spring to celebrate rebirth and the beginning of springtime. 8 The tradition of decorating Easter eggs more ornately originated in Ukraine and was called "pysanka". The brightly coloured eggs were believed to protect homes from evil spirits and disasters such as fires and lighting. 9 $14.6 billion is spent on Easter items each year. 10 $2.1 of that is spent on Easter candy. This makes Easter the second-largest candy-consuming holiday of the year, trailing only Halloween. (11 120 million pounds of Easter candy is bought every year. (12 Each person spends an average of $28.11 on Easter candy. 13 16 billion jellybeans and 90 million chocolate bunnies are manufactured for Easter each year. 14 The 16 billion jellybeans laid end-to-end would circle the globe almost three times. (15 70% of all Easter candy purchased is chocolate. (16 Solid chocolate bunnies are the most popular, followed by hollow chocolate, then marshmallow-filled chocolate. 17 When eating chocolate bunnies, 76% of people eat the ears first. 18 70% of kids eat Easter jellybeans one at a time, 23% eat several at a time. 19 700 million marshmallow peeps are purchased every year, making them the second most popular confection. A mind-boggling 5 million are made EVERY DAY. 20 20% of children admit they have made themselves sick eating too much Easter candy. 21 Some of the original Easter treats were hot cross buns made by monks and given to the poor. (22 Swiss tradition holds that a cuckoo – not a bunny – delivers decorated eggs to children. 23 White House chefs dye 11,000 eggs each year for the White House Easter Egg Roll.

23 Surprising Fun Facts for Easter You Might Not Know

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Easter is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, and everyone is familiar with the bright, colourful symbols of Easter — eggs dyed all the colours of the rainbow and a smiling Easter Bunn...


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