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20 Bizarre Things You Can Rent

20 Bizarre Things You Can Rent (20 Rent people I Rent a Star If you have always wanted to hang out with your fa- vorite celebrity and you have the funds, why not rent a star? For $150,000 an hour, you can hire David Blaine to enter- tain your guests with his magic tricks. Rent a Wife2 The was launched long ago, but they offer only "domestic" services. The Belgium site offers other "services." Rent a Fake Family 3 Getting married but can't afford to fly out your family and friends? Don't have anyone to invite in the first place? In Japan, there's a solution for that: family rentals! 4. Rent a Grandma Love an old-fashioned knitted hat, but don't have a loving grandma to knit it for you? Now you can lease a grandma who is just waiting for you to ask her to knit you a hat. t. 5 Rent a Pilgrim $3,169 If you've vowed to make a pilgrimage, but you don't have the time, now you have an option: You can rent a pilgrim! Rent a Nerd 6 You can rent a nerd and he'll fix your computer, help you with stats home- work, or if you're really adventurous, take you to dinner. E=MC2 Rent Weird Objects Rent a Robot 7 The Actroid DER2 Fembot is an android that has limbs, a torso and facial ex- pressions that are controlled by a system of actuators powered by pneu- -matic pressure. $3,500 Rent Weird Toys 8 To impress someone, costly toy collectibles are an eccentric way to go. You can find everything to fit your need for fun, from adult toys to an alien-inspired bike. Rent a Bike via Mobile Phone The OYBike System in the United Kingdom allows users to hire and return a bicycle via their mobile phone, which receives the code needed to unlock the bike for imme- diate use. The bikes can then be re- turned to any OYBike station. Rent a Theater Screen 10 Cineplex Odeon, a theater company in Canada, is renting their big screens to gamers. Twelve players can rent the theater with its gigantic screen and thunderous sound system for $179 for two hours. Rent Breathalyzers (11 UK-based Blow Me offers a unique and useful service to any party mobile alco- hol breath-testing. The outfit will attend any event where alcohol is served and administer unlimited breath tests in a non-confrontational environment. Rent a Painting (12 The illusion of owning paintings for at least a little while even contemporary ones worth as much as $10,000 to $20,000 - is an alluring option when the money isn't there for an actual purchase. In some cases a "test drive" is allowed before buying. Rent Weird Places Rent a Hotel Room 13 Made of Cards With the help of world record-holding "card- stacker" Bryan Berg, Holiday Inn has built a 400-square foot room in New York out of old room keys. A total keys were used, and nothing was left out, from the lobby to the room toilet. 200,000 Holiday Inn room 14 Rent a Shipping Container Hotel Room Foldable container shelters are cheap, recyclable, and incredibly popular around the world. Guests sleep on recyclable paper pallet beds, they have Internet access and get a continental breakfast with their stay. $400,000 15 Rent a Celebrity House. This summer you can actually live like the Hiltons by renting out one of their lavish mansions. One of their homes, which is lo- cated in Water Mill, New York, is available for a mere $400,000. 16 Rent an Island Are you fed up with noisy neighborhoods? Then this website is for you. At, you can find a selection hundreds of islands available for rent and sale worldwide. Rent Animals and Plants Freelance Goats 17 Do you have a lot of extra foliage on your property and don't really have the time to take a weed whacker to it? Will work for food, Check out Rent-A-Ruminant. 18 Rent a Friend If you want to cuddle a kitty or walk a dog but can't own one, take a look at the Ja La La Cafe in Tokyo's bustling Akihabara dis- trict. Clients can pay by the hour for pet companions. Paid hugs Rent a Garden 19 Rent-a-Garden is a Dutch company that will give you a quick fix of green to makeover your ter- race or yard. You can rent sculptures, potted plants or a whole theme. Rent a Cherry Tree 20 CherryAid is an awareness campaign urging everyone to save the British cherry tree. To help, you can rent a local cherry tree, pick and eat all of its cherries for the season. Source: Trend Hunter Magazine Information provided by: R NTERS

20 Bizarre Things You Can Rent

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There are a lot of unusual things that you might not know you can rent. In fact, there are a variety of people that you can rest to perform certain services.


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