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15 Facts About U.S. Inequalities Everyone Should Know

These visualizations are based on the data set “20 Facts About U.S. Inequality That Everyone 15 FACTS ABOUT U.S. INEQUALITY THAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW Should Know" taken from The Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality. The data addresses imbalances in education, economics, housing and healthcare in the United States. NAME BASED RACIAL DISCRIMINATION OCCUPATIONAL SEX SEGREGATION CHILD POVERTY PRODUCTIVITY AND REAL INCOME WEALTH INEQUALITY An experiment carried out in Chicago and Boston during 2001 and 2002 shows Gendered occupations and unequal rewards. In the United States, 21.9 percent of all children are in poverty, a poverty rate second We are a richer country overall because of a spectacular rise in labor productivity. Concentration of wealth in the U.S. between 1983 and 2001. that resumes with "white-sounding" names, whether male or female, were much only to that of Mexico's (among rich nations). But who has profited from this rise? Although the growth of labor productivity has more likely to result in call backs for interviews than were those with "black- expanded total national income, the real income and wages of the median worker I Top 10% Percentage of jobs held by women Percentage of jobs held by men sounding" names (even though the resumes were otherwise identical). have at the same time stagnated. IBottom 60% 24.8 21.9 17.2 71.5% Black-sounding Names 68.2% White-sounding Names MEDIAN WEEKLY EARNINGS OCCUPATIONAL SEGREGATION MEXICO $95,000 CLEANERS/SERVANTS |14% TEXTILES/SEWING CHILD CARE $43,000 RECEPTIONIST PRESCHOOL TEACHER SECRETARIES $41,000 NURSES UNITED STATES GDP PER EMPLOYED AUTO MECHANICS $35,000 TRUCK DRIVERS FIREFIGHTERS AIRLINE PILOTS MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 6.1% 0% MEDIAN INCOME, FULL TIME WORKERS 4.2% SOFTWARE ENGINEERS CHIEF EXECUTIVES IRELAND $2000 0% 100% 1960 2006 1983 2001 DISCOURAGED WORKERS GENDER GAP IN PAY HEALTH INSURANCE IMMIGRANTS AND INEQUALITY WAGE INEQUALITY The number of discouraged workers (i.e., persons who are not currently looking for In 2007, 8.1 million children under 18 years old were without health insurance. Children in poverty and Hispanic children were more likely to be uninsured. Women's earnings as a percent of men's (full-time wage and salary workers, Characteristics of immigrant education enrollment in 2000. Over the last 30 years, wage inequality in the United States has increased work because they believe that there are no jobs available for them) increased annual averages). substantially, with overall levels of inequality closing in on unprecedented levels. I 12-15 Years Of Schooling I College Or More IHigh School Dropouts sharply during the current recession. Lower-tail inequality is measured here by taking the ratio of wages at the middle of the income distribution to those near the bottom, and upper-tail inequality is measured by taking the ratio of wages near the top of the distribution to the middle. 717,100 8,100,000 2.4 |2 LOWER-TAIL 62% 75% 80% 15% 40% CHILDREN UNDER 18 YEARS WERE UNINSURED 25% UPPER-TAIL 1979 1993 2008 Percentage of children by race who were uninsured in 2007. 215,100 37% WHITE 7.3% 23% 2009 ASIAN 11.7% 60% BLACK 12.2% 2008 NATIVES IMMIGRANTS 1.6 1973 HISPANIC 20% ANY RACE 2005 DEREGULATION OF LABOR MARKET RACIAL GAPS IN EDUCATION EDUCATION WAGE PREMIUM Homelessness CEO PAY U.S. CEO pay in relation to the average worker's wage. Put more colloquially, top CEOS in 1970 made 39 times more than the average worker, whereas now they Declined of private-sector union membership and real minimum wage, 1973-2008. High school dropout percentage (among persons 16-24 years old) by race. Only college graduates have experienced growth in median weekly earnings since Chronic homelessness is defined as an unaccompanied disabled individual who 1979 (in real terms). High school dropouts have, by contrast, seen their real median has been continuously homeless for over one year. I Whites weekly earnings decline by about 22 percent. Median weekly earnings of full-time make 1,039 times more than the average worker. Blacks workers (workers 25 years old & older, 2006 dollars) = 10,000 people IHispanics 11% 20% 38% 39 | 1970 BACHELOR'S DEGREE AND HIGHER $1050 1977 $900 SOME COLLEGE OR ASSOCIATES DEGREE 191 UNION MEMBERSHIP 1988 8% 15% 30% $730 $700 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE, NO COLLEGE 1992 1039- $650 $60 REAL MINIMUM WAGE LESS THAN HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA $550 5% 12% 21% 750,000 HOMELESS 1973 2008 $410 2000 2007 1979 2006 1 IN 5 CHRONICALLY HOMELESS DATA AND COPY CREDIT: THE STANFORD CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF POVERTY AND INEQUALITY ( DESIGNER: KRISTY TILLMAN ( THSIN KEISHA YГИ LAKISHA THSINYA ATIWI INNY ATOYA VANIN LATONYA NOSI11V ANO83 HYHYS MEREDITH CARRIE KRISTEN CALL BACK RATE SHARE OF TOTAL WEALTH WAGE RATIO

15 Facts About U.S. Inequalities Everyone Should Know

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America is the land of the free with equality and justice for all, or at least that's the idea. Find out about the riff between what should be equal and what's true in America.


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