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13 Worst States To Be A Burglar

WORST STATES TO BE A BURGLAR Worst State 2nd Worst 3rd Worst When it comes to punishing burglars, some states really crack down. Here's how the 13 toughest Virginia S. Carolina Alabama ones get it done. DIstrict of Montana Columbia Kentucky Indiana Pennsylvania 10 11 12 13 Oklahoma Florida Tennessee Illinois Maine HARD TIME The 13 Worst States lock up burglars for a long time - especially compared to the rest of the country. Average Minimum Sentence: 13 Worst States ABOUT 2.5 YEARS Average Minimum Sentence: Rest of the Country UNDER 1 YEAR Maximum Prison Sentence: 13 Worst States LIFE LIFE 100 yrs 100 yrs 50 yrs 50 yrs 40 yrs 40 yrs 30 yrs 30 yrs 20 yrs 20 yrs 10 yrs 10 yrs PA OK KY AL MT IN TN ME DC FL SC VA Compare to KS & NM: IL (3 Year Max) HOMEOWNERS FIGHT BACK 92 % OF THE 13 WORST STATES HAVE "SHOOT FIRST" LAWS Stand your Ground Law and Castle Doctrine allow homeowners to use deadly force when threatened, without any requirement to retreat. So burglars might get a lot worse than a jail sentence. EXTRA TROUBLE HUGE MAXIMUM FINES 100K Florida law increases the penalty for any theft committed during a state of emergency, such as a storm or an oil spill. VA 50- 60K 75K The maximum fine for burglary in Kentucky %$4 is either $10,000 – or double the worth of DC what the burglar stole. AL MT ME In Illinois, breaking into a place of worship or a day care center is considered just as bad as breaking into a house. 25K IL 10K PÅ TN Stand-your-ground laws in Pennsylvania FL only apply if your assailant is lethally armed – but if the burglar is "a known boxer." brandished fists count as a weapon. TOUGHEST STATES VS. BURGLARY RATES # 3 # 2 Do the "Worst States to Be a Burglar" actually have fewer burglars? While Virginia's laws – the toughest of all – have kept crime down, ALABAMA South Carolina and Alabama still struggle with high burglary rates. When it comes to laws, go REALLY big -or get burgled. S. CAROLINA # 1 VIRGINIA LOWEST Burglary Rate of U.S. States HIGHEST To determine the 13 Worst States to Be a Burglar, SimpliSafe Home Security considered SimpliSafe sentence length, fine amount, the status of each state's stand-your-ground law, and any unusual laws or tendencies. Read more at

13 Worst States To Be A Burglar

shared by KevinRaposo on Dec 03
Some states let burglars off with a slap on the wrist — and others lock them up for life. So where's the worst place to get caught?






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