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12 Survival Things You Can Make With Duct Tape

12 SURVIVAL THINGS YOU CAN MAKE WITH DUCT TAPE 1. Butterfly bandage strips Cuttwo small strips of DT, and add a smaller strip across theircenters (stickyside to stickyside) to create amakeshift butter fly suture 2. Make a spear Strap your knife to a pole and you have a trusty spear to fend off wolves and otherbeasts. 3. Make handcuffs Chances are you going to meetsome unsavorycharacters when things go crazy. Duct Tape handcuffs should do the trick 4. Add extra insulation in your boots: Yourshoes are going to wear outso tape the insoles with duct tape, silverside up. The shiny tape will reflect the warmth of yourfeetbackinto your boots. 5. Splint a leg. A broken ankle orleg can be stabilized with splintmaterial, padding, and of course, duct tape. 6. Prevent shattering glass during storms Before astorm hits, use duct tape to tape your windows. This will strengthen them againsthigh winds. 7. Make a boat: You neverknow when you're going to need a trusty boat and if the Mythbusters can build one so can you. 8. Reseal Food Containers Yourfood containers are going to ripor get holes in them.Justpatch them up with a fewstrips of duct tape. FO DD FO DD 9. Snares for animals Make some rope;tie to a tree and you have the makings of your own fast food supply. 10. Sling shot: Justlike David of old you can use ducttape to defend yourself 11. Helmet: Safety First!! You neverknow when you are going to need ahelmetmade outof ducttape! (Warning!! Onlyuse in the eventof an emergency (ie.Zombie Apocal ypse) 12. Hammock For the nights when you don'twantto sleep on the floorjust make yourself ahammock. emergency food supply

12 Survival Things You Can Make With Duct Tape

shared by FoodInsurance on Mar 19
Duct Tape is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century. To celebrate the amazingness that is Duct Tape, we put together this infographic to help give people a few ideas about what they can ma...


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