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100 Years of Gift Giving

o0 Top Gifts from ০০০০০০ THE PAST CENTURY 100 fantastic years of toys 100 1901 Inflation (ND) Cost of Coke: S0.05/bote Crayola Crayons: introduced in 1903 s0.05 for 8 diferent-colored crayons Ocher notable toys Lionel J vains bears (1900 Model T Ford de cast cars (1900) Teddy ) (190 Parents and schools purchase (10 The average American chid spends 26 minutes a day coloring and wears down about 30 crayons by the age of 10 2.5 billion Inflation: 9.8% Cost of Coke: S0.05/bote crayons each year Raggedy Ann dolls: ireroduced in 1915 Price: unknown ND) Other notable toys: Erector Sets (1913) Tirkenoys (1913) Lincoln Logs (1916) 1920 1121 Inflation: 0.09% Cost of Coke: S0.osbote Madame Alexander collectible dolls: introduced in 1929 Price: unknown D) The first dol created based on a lcensed character (karlett Oara from "done with the Vind) Inflation: -2.08% Cost of Coke: 50.05/bote Paved the way for the gut of figurines, movie View-Master 3D Viewer: ineoduced in 1938 Price: $1.50 dolls, and action figures that accompany contemporary Holywood releases Other notable toys: Sory (19040 Monopoly (1905) Other notable toys: 130 O LEGO buiding sees (1935) YO YO (1929) Betsey Wetsy Dol (1937) During World War ILg for the US miary viewers were used in aning t CANDY LAND game 1710 Inflation: 5.521 Cost of Pepsi S0 236 12-ounce botes Candy Land: introduced in 1949 Price: S1.00 Inflation: -2.08s Cost of Coke: S0 05/botte Other notable toys Torka Trucks (1947) Mage Mr. Potato Head: ireoduced in 1952 Price: S098 (1947) Sily Puty (1949) Other notable toys: Scratble (1948) One out of every 3 American homes owns a krabble board. (150 Matchbox cars (1954) Play-Doh a956) 1959 Sirky (194) O Cue (1949) Yahtree Frisbee (1956) 1967) Hula hooo Barbie (1959) p (1958) The original Poto Head only contained the eyes ears, noses, and mouths. parenes had 1O Supply children with a real pototo play with In 1900, Hasbro decided to include a hard plastic potato "body" to use insaead of the real spud. 1960 Inflation: 2.32 Cost of Coke S0272 12-ounce cans GA. Joe: introduced in 1964 Price: S4 Other notable toys: Escha Sketch (1960 Tro dols (1961) Game 160) Easy Bake Oven Operation 05) Twisten (196) Inflation: 7.06% Cost of Pepsi S0 886 12ounce cans Bateship (1967) Lte Brite (1967) Hot Suheets (1968) Rubik's Cube: ireoduced in 1978 Price: $5.99 Other notable toys: 1970 Uno (1972) Nerf Bal (1970) Dungeons ) and Dragons (1974) Star Wars action figures a977) Strawberry Shoncake (1979) Inflation: 5.51S Cost of Peps S0 892-ter bottle The Rubiks Cube has Cabbage Patch Kids: introduced in 1983 Price: S25 1300 1989 anerert possible configurations and only one solutiont Other notable toys Trivial Pursut (1982) Care Bears (1983) My Lite Pony (1983) Trans formers (1984) Koosh Ball 0987) Pictonary (1987) 110 1999 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtes Inflation: 3 Cost of Coke: $3.99/2 12-packs (1988) In 1985, the peak of the Cabbage Patch Kids graze, doll sales totaled S600milion Beanie Babies: introduced in 1996 Price: $4.95 Other notable toys: Power Rangers (199) Tidde Me Emo (1996) 2000 Furby (199) Groovy Girts (1998) Inflation: 2.561 Cost of Coke S1 092-iter botte Razor Scooter: ireoduced in 2000 Price: $99 5 million Razor Scooters More than were sold within a year of their debut ("No Data)

100 Years of Gift Giving

shared by SharleneMusic on Dec 15
Though we started with wooden trains and soft teddy bears, we began the millennium with talking Furby dolls and Tickle Me Elmos. Even the simplest toys became enhanced as the years wore on.




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