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10 Kick-Ass Mobile Growth Hacks That Can Supercharge App Growth

10 MOBILE GROWTH HACKS THAT WILL SKY ROCKET YOUR APP GROWTH Personalized Onboarding Growth Hack Linkedin Pulse Personalized onboarding is the simplest way of garnering a user's attention. It can be executed in #1 It increases conversion by various ways, beginning with a personalized welcome screen to personalized content. Sign in with Linkedin Explore 78% Join Now Choose the one that best defines your users. Push Notifications Growth Нack Push notification is a simple growth hack that can be set up in a matter of minutes! According to a study done by Localytics, Push notifications supports 88% more app launches! # 2 Notification 54% View Ignore of users who clicked on a segmented push notifications converted. Growth Нack App Name In-App Messages #3 In-app messaging is a versatile growth hack and can be used in various ways. Right from sharing tips to other relevant information, In-app messaging won't disappoint you as a marketer, if used intelligently. Infroducing In-App Messages Drive 3.5X Higher User Retention Amongst Users. Yes, Please Content Sharing Within The App O) steve Jacks Growth Нack This r Having a share menu which can facilitate content sharing from within the app is a must have growth hack. we sH it for # 4 week ***** However it should complement the core app. Share with Increases instant f engagement with in app users.. It has the ability to increase engagement instantly. Pocket app is a great example to quote here. More Growth Нack Social Logins Millions of users today are hooked on to social channels. Using social channels facilitates onboarding #5 cloud cake f Log in with Facebook and decreases friction associated Decreases friction associated with app registrations. M Log in with Email with it. It also gives respite to users from remembering numerous passwords. Sign Up In-App Referrals Growth Нack 出 ( Q In-app referrals provide a sense of exclusivity to app users. Blending In-app referrals with incentivization can boost app downloads significantly. Apps like UBER and others have leveraged this growth hack to the fullest. #6 Refer & Earn 38% of all apps are discovered via word-of-mouth! Share Cross Channel Marketing Remember the time when you browsed a particular movie on your Netflix app and voila you were notified when it was on Growth Нack cloud cake #7 BUY 12:33 discount via push notification? That's cross-channel marketing for you! fri, Nov, 2015 20% off Grab this before goes! BUY USE IT! 10% off Grab this before goes! By tapping the right data around user behavior, app marketers can provide a user centered approach to its user making it an ideal growth hack. Asking For Ratings The Right Way Growth Нack # 8 Opinions are a great way to boost an app's growth, however asking reviews should be done in a legit manner. A great lesson can be learned how Circa app implemented it. Rate This No, Tha ks Sure, r'll Rate Ask at the right time! Growth Hack Contextual Deep-Linking #9 Contextual deep-linking enables app marketers to bring in users directly to the specific location within their app using a dedicated link. This tends to increase app conversions and installs. Allowing users to share links to specific content within this app. App Co-Integration/ Leverage Growth Hack Add foursquare to your facebook Timeline #10 Steve Jacks Sharing an Instagram image on Twitter is not a tough task! App Co-Integration can help mobile apps in achieving accelerated growth. This growth hack ensures stickiness to your app. Leveraging other apps to increase visibility. f Add to Timeline Sources : Localytics | Techcrunch | Nielsen AppVirality 000

10 Kick-Ass Mobile Growth Hacks That Can Supercharge App Growth

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According to E-marketer, "App engagement significantly decreases 24 hours after initial install". This is a major worry for app marketers. These mobile growth hacks can help app marketers in superchar...


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