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10 Incredible Facts About Electric Vehicles

10 INCREDIBLE FACTS ABOUT ELECTRIC VEHICLES Electric vehicles (EVS) are enjoying a tremendous rise in popularity lately. Not only are they environmen- tally-friendly, but they are kind to your pocket, too, with some attractive financial benefits. Here are a few facts about EVs . FACT 1 Electric vehicles require very little mainte- nance, which can save you money. With fewer parts than a conventional vehicle, they can also be more reliable. EVs have been around since the mid-19th century, yet the internal combustion engine has been the favoured means of propulsion for over 100 years. Now, thanks to vast improvements in our technology and an increasing awareness of environmental issues, EVs are enjoying something of a resurgence. FACT 2 FACT 3 There were 9 models of EV available in 2011. There were 18 in 2013. Now there are more than 35 to choose from. While there were 3,500 EVs reported on the road in 2013 - now there are more than 100,000! 100,000 ELECTRIC VEHICLES Just like a petrol tank can run low on fuel, the battery of an EV can lose charge. However, they are very cheaply topped up, with travel costs as little as 3p per mile! The public recharging network is expanding each year, too, meaning you are not limited to charging your vehicle at home. FACT 4 3P PER MILE FACT 5 EVs can reach impressive top speeds. The highest recorded speed of an electric vehicle (so far!) is around O-100 kph in 1.5 seconds! 0-100 KPH IN 1.5 SEC FACT 6 The driving range of an EV has increased dramatically over the years, while the cost has dropped considerably. The environmental benefits of an electric vehicle are undeniable. With FACT 7 no tail pipe emissions, EVs create very little air pollution, and they are low in noise pollution, too. More than 80% of the energy in an EV's battery is transferred directly into the car, compared to the 14-26% of a conventional petrol-powered vehicle. What's more, regenerative braking systems can convert movement energy back into stored electrical energy, which can be particularly useful for the starts-and-stops involved in city driving. FACT 8 FACT 9 TAX Due to the environmental benefits, EVs are exempt from car tax. FREE FACT 10 A Plug-in Car Grant will be available until the end of March, 2018, provid- ing a financial incentive to switch to EV driving. EVs are more than a new fad, and with benefits like these it seems likely they'll be here to stay. For a cheaper, cleaner way of life, let's hope so. Designed & Compiled by: 01792 477316 PLATES4LESS WWW.PLATES4LESS.CO.UK

10 Incredible Facts About Electric Vehicles

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Electric vehicles (EVs) aren’t that new of a concept these days. They have gained much popularity lately because of the different environment and pocket-friendly benefits that come with it.In this i...




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