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10 Bizarre Driving Laws from Around the World [Infographic]

10 BIZARRE DRIVING LAWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Many rules of the road make perfect sense and align with the best intentions of motorists. In some regions, though, certain driving laws can raise a few eyebrows among non-natives, so the next time you hit the road while on holidays, be sure not to fall foul of these curious driving rules. IT'S ILLEGAL TO DRIVE BLINDFOLDED Applies in ALABAMA While it might seem quite obvious that obscuring your eyesight while driving is a bad idea, it was felt necessary to write into Alabaman law that motorists cannot drive blindfolded. It is unknown what led to this apparent nugget of common sense becoming official law, but at least the message is clear for drivers in Alabama in case there had been any ambiguity beforehand! 2 MOTORISTS MUST CHECK UNDERNEATH THEIR CAR BEFORE STARTING THE ENGINE Applies in DENMARK Danish motorists are obliged by law to look underneath their car before turning the key in the ignition in case there is somebody underneath the vehicle. As mechanics could often be working on the underbody of a car, or small children might have gone underneath it to retrieve something, this very quick check could prevent dangerous situations, yet it is something that drivers elsewhere probably neglect to do. 3 IT'S ILLEGAL TO DRIVE WHEN YOUR CAR IS DIRTY Applies in RUSSIA If you live in Russia and you don't like washing your car, it's advisable to just suck it up and keep the vehicle clean, as motorists whose cars are dirty are liable to be fined up to 2,000 roubles (equivalent to €30). Also, if you maintain your car is clean enough but a police officer insists that it's dirty, you're out of luck - the police officer's interpretation is final. YOU CAN'T DRIVE ON MONDAYS IF YOUR CAR 4 REGISTRATION ENDS IN 1 OR 2 Applies in MON MANILLA (Philippines) The authorities with responsibility for transport in the Philippine capital of Manilla came up with a rather novel way of improving traffic flow in the city. One of the restrictions they put in place in busier areas was to ban anyone whose car registration ends in the numbers 1 or 2 from driving in the city on a Monday. XX XXXX1 IT'S ILLEGAL TO RUN OUT OF PETROL ON A MOTORWAY 5 Applies in GERMANY If you're on a German motorway (known as an Autobahn) and you run out of fuel, it's more than just bad luck. You're also flouting the country's law. Due to the lack of speed limits on Germany's Autobahns and the volume of cars travelling on these roads, the enforced stoppage of your car is considered dangerous and, in some cases, could result in you being banned from driving in the country. YOUR CAR MUST HAVE WINDSCREEN WIPERS - EVEN IF IT DOESN'T HAVE A WINDSCREEN! Applies in LUXEMBOURG Anyone who owns a car in Luxembourg must have windscreen wipers on it, even if it is a vintage car that does not have a windscreen. The absence of glass in front of a driver is permissible, but the absence of wipers will land you with a sizeable fine. ALL HACKNEY CARRIAGES MUST CARRY BALES OF HAY)7 Applies in LONDON All Hackney cabs in the UK's capital city are obligated to carry a bale of hay and a bag of oats in their boot. This law was originally implemented in Victorian times when Hackney carriages were horse-drawn and, despite the obvious technological strides made since, this rule remains in British law to the present day. YOU CAN'T DRIVE WITH A GORILLA IN THE BACK SEAT 8. Applies in MASSACHUSETTS The back seat of a vehicle doesn't spring to mind as a gorilla's natural habitat, but the authorities of Massachusetts felt obliged to ban this possibility outright. Any motorist caught with this type of primate in the back of their car will be subjected to a fine and a potential prison sentence. 69 IT'S ILLEGAL TO YELL OR CURSE ON THE ROAD Applies in MARYLAND Do you regularly indulge in bouts of road rage? If so, best stay off the roads of Maryland, where cursing in public is outlawed. Even if another driver recklessly cuts across you and comes within millimetres of being at total fault for an accident, yelling and swearing at them could see you fined $10o or even jailed for up to 90 days - a heavy price to pay for delving into your bag of expletives. 10 YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DRINK AND DRIVE Applies in COSTA RICA Drink-driving has rightly become taboo in this generation and it is only a very foolish motorist who thinks it's OK to get behind the wheel immediately after taking alcohol. Costa Rica, though, has a decidedly lax attitude towards the matter. So long as your blood-alcohol level stays below 0.75%, you are legally considered OK to drive. This still rules out anyone who is inebriated, but seemingly 1-2 drinks are no problem. REFERENCES -driving-to-cleaning-your-car-with-used-underwear SOUTHSIDE MOTOR FACTORS For Car Parts & Accessories T.

10 Bizarre Driving Laws from Around the World [Infographic]

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The rules of the road exist for a very good reason – to optimise the safety and wellbeing of drivers and assist with progressive traffic flow. However, depending on where you’re driving, you might...


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