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What Makes An Olympic Body?

luies dT WHAT MAKES AN OLYMPIC BODY? FRAGE ONAL PRESENTED BY FORCE FACTOR I REDEFINE YOUR LIMITS TM O% lympians are all among the fittest people on the planet, but they still come in all shapes and sizes. Highly specialized training leads to vastly different body types across sports. Taking a closer look at the height, weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI) of America's Olympic athletes is sure to challenge your conception of fitness. WHAT AN OLYMPIAN LOOKS LIKE ton LEBRON JAMES BASKETBALL HOLLEY MANGOLD WEIGHTLIFTING RYAN HALL MARATHON MICHAEL PHELPS SWIMMING GABBY DOUGLAS GYMNASTICS 6'8" 5'8" 5'10" 6'4" 411" 249 lbs 340 lbs 130 lbs 194 lbs 90 lbs Pluie uto -BMI– -BMI- -BMI - -BMI- - BMI- 27.4 51.7 18.7 23.6 18.2 les BODY MASS INDEX NONV BMI is defined as an individual's body mass divided by the square of his or her height. You can calculate your BMI using this formula BMI= 703*weight(lbs.)/height(in.)^2 For most, BMI is thought to be a good measure of whether a person is underweight, healthy, overweight, or obese. But for many Olympic athletes, whose bodies are stacked with heavier lean muscle and very little fat, a BMI that is technically considered "overweight" is not necessarily unhealthy. पच Pegagee OBESE BMI RANGES: OVERWEIGHT -BMI– PI - BMI– >30 HEALTHY 25-30 - BMI- UNDERWEIGHT 18.5-25 -BMI– <18.5 Pluies, WHAT AN OLYMPIC TEAM LOOKS LIKE We compiled data on US athletes from some popular Olympic sports and calculated the team average BMI. BMI is typically lower for endurance sports, like cycling and the marathon, where being lightweight is an asset. It's higher for sports that require extreme strength, like weightlifting and shotput USA OLYMPIC TEAM BMI MEN TEAM AVERAGE HEIGHT AVERAGE WEIGHT AVERAGE BMI Track & Field (Marathon) 5'9" 129 18.94 res Cycling (Road Race) Track & Field (100m) 6'0" 153 20.73 6'1" 176 22.97 Beach Volleyball 6'5" 198 23.30 Tennis 6'3" 194 24.21 Swimming Rowing (Eight) Gymnastics 6'3" 192 24.25 6'6" 208 24.35 5'5" 148 24.77 NON Basketball 6'7" 220 24.84 5'9" Weightlifting Track & Field (Shot Put) 174 25.69 6'3" 303 38.39 USA OLYMPIC WOMEN TEAM BII TEAM AVERAGE HEIGHT AVERAGE WEIGHT AVERAGE BMI Track & Field (Marathon) 5'5" 110 18.46 Gymnastics Cycling (Road Race) Track & Field (100m) 5'2" 104 19.25 5'5" 120 20.19 5'5" 124 20.36 Swimming 5'10" 152 21.72 Tennis 5'9" 146 21.74 Beach Volleyball 6'0" 162 21.80 Basketball 6'2" 175 22.72 Rowing (Eight) Track & Field (Shot Put) 61" 178 23.41 5'9" 213 31.13 Pluies Weightlifting 5'9" 305 45.14 Pluie u FORCE FACTOR IS A LEADER IN THE SPORTS NUTRITION INDUSTRY. We believe in formulating products with smart science and never, ever include banned substances. Our products are endorsed by fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. WITH FORCE FACTOR, es Pluies d ANYONE CAN GET THE BODY OF AN OLYMPIAN! Force Factor is available at or at your local GNC. Muies

What Makes An Olympic Body?

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Force Factor, a leading manufacturer of quality sports nutrition products, has compiled surprising new statistics on the body types of some of the fittest people on the planet: US Olympic athletes. Ta...


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