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What Canadian fans are searching for on YouTube During the Olympics

Canadian Sports Fans Turn to YouTube for the Full Olympic Experience Sports fandom today extends far beyond scheduled TV broadcasts. For fans in the digital age, YouTube is a community of content that allows deeper engagement with their favorite sports, events, and athletes-especially during events like the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio. To understand more about the strength of sports fandom in the digital age, Google recently partnered with Ipsos to survey 5,005 online Canadian sports fans aged 18-54 that use YouTube. Here's what we found. 56% 51% 9% agree YouTube is one of the first agree YouTube is one of their most Sports fans are 9% more likely to places they go before, during, or trusted sources of sports news' watch sports or fitness video after major sports events or news' content on YouTube than they are on TV sports or fitness channels' It's More Than a Game For today's connected fans, sports are about more than just wins and losses: It's about getting to know the players, tracking stats, sharing highlights with friends, and experiencing practically every angle of the game right alongside the athletes. YouTube is an always-on hub of energy, entertainment, and information, where great moments can be seen, shared, and re-lived by millions around the world. That's true of every sport in Canada, but this summer's Olympic Games, bringing together 206 countries, 10,500 athletes, and 7.5 million fans in attendance, will kick off a cultural experience for all kinds of fans and are slated to be the most mobile games to date. 1 in 3 61% people who rarely or never watch sports content agree they can get a closer, more personal look at plan to watch the Summer Games? athletes or sports teams on YouTube than they can get elsewhere' Pre-Game: Setting the Stage Before the game clock starts ticking, fans jump on YouTube to get informed and share the excitement with fellow supporters before their favorite events. Canadian sports fans turn to YouTube first: 38% 50% 28% to learn about athletes to get behind-the-scenes view to connect with people who have of a sports or fitness activity shared interests in sports or fitness When Olympic fever rises, competition is only part of the conversation-searches ramp up for the host country's culture, hot spots, and hometown heroes. Search interest on YouTube for London 2012 Summer Olympics was higher than the Sochi Winter Olympics, the last World Cup, or each of the last four Super Bowls,' and we'll see that interest climb even higher this year. Mobile video penetration will also have grown 26% from the time of Sochi Olympics, resulting in almost 12M Canadians seeking mobile video content during the Rio Games. Top 3 most-searched Canadian hopefuls:5 Top 3 most-searched Olympic events in Canada: 3. 3. Women's Ellie Black Jennifer Abel Basketball Soccer Gymnastics (Artistic Gymnastics) Soccer Team (Diving) During the Game: Embracing the Spectacle Whether today's sports fans are catching missed content, reliving remarkable moments, or sharing impactful stories online, YouTube gives fans a panoramic view of their small-screen broadcast. 39% Nearly 1 in 2 watch sports or fitness videos on YouTube while have shared or told others about sports or fitness also watching live sports on TV' videos after watching them on YouTube' The magic of the Opening Ceremonies. Past highlights and athlete biographies. Real-time stats. Fans on YouTube can catch it all, from missed moments to the simply unmissable. 1 in 5 Canadians watch Summer Olympic London Olympics Opening Ceremony had more coverage on YouTube' YouTube search interest than each of the past four Emmys or Super Bowl Halftime shows5 Post-Game: Reliving the Moments The game stays fresh on many viewers' minds long after the final whistle is blown. Post-game breakdowns and unmissable moments are always rolling on YouTube. Nearly 1 in 4 73% 1> ...... watch sports or fitness content on YouTube while agree they can find sports or fitness video content watching post-event coverage on TV' on YouTube that they cannot find elsewhere' After the Olympic Torch goes out, YouTube allows fans to revisit a bottomless time capsule of highlights, coverage, and content. YouTube search interest for the Closing Ceremonies increased by 225% from the Beijing Summer Olympics to the London Summer Olympics," but the Olympic fire keeps burning long after the ceremony. In fact, many young athletes are inspired to find an available sports league, possibly beginning the journey towards becoming future hometown heroes! SOURCES 1 Google/Ipsos Connect, "Sports Fandom on YouTube," May 2016, n=5,005, online Canadian respondents ages 18-54. 2 Google Consumer Surveys, May 2016, n=391, online Canadians 18+. 3 Google Trends, YouTube search, Jan 2011-Mar 2016. Worldwide. 4 eMarketer, "Mobile Phone Video Viewers and Penetration in Canada" 2013-2019, June 19 2015. Projected growth from 2014 (year of Sochi) to 2016 (year of Rio). 5 Google Trends, YouTube search, Jan 2012-Mar 2016, Canada. 6 Google Trends, YouTube search, Jan 2012-Mar. 2016, Canada, Methodology. YT searches related to each sport based on searches containing the sport, (Football contains soccer and football), Date range Apr 2015 to March 2016, past 12 months 7 Google Trends, YouTube search, August 2008-August 2012, Canada. think with Google

What Canadian fans are searching for on YouTube During the Olympics

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What Canadian fans are searching for on YouTube During the Olympics




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