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Usain Bolt: The Bolt Body Breakdown

USAIN BOLT THE BOLT BODY BREAKDOWN BIO Some general facts about Usain; Born: 21 /08 / 1986 Place of Birth: Trelawny, Jamaica Weight: 207lbs / 93kg Approx Height: 6' 5" Olympic Medals: 4 Gold Medals World Records: 100m, 200m, 4x100m COUNTER BALANCE, Your arms counter-balance your legs, provide uplift and set the running pace. Bolt's technique helps stabilise his torso so that power is efficiently transferred through his hips, which improves his acceleration CRICKET Many runners wobble when they run, however Bolt remains perfectly balanced. Growing up, Usain played GAME SONDER MOL COLTER BALANCE CRICK SHOULDER WIDTH JOKE cricket and "Jamaican people like to have fun. We joke around and don't take ourselves to Usain's shoulders are perfectly aligned above his hips, which helps make him more energy efficient was a fast bowler. He says cricket would be seriously, which I think is a good way to be." his profession of choice, outside of athletics. KO SPONSORSHIP In 2010 Usain signed the biggest sponsorship deal in athletics history, extending his contract with Puma to 2013. The exact figure has not been disclosed, but a source close to the deal said that the sum is comparable to Cristiano Ronaldo's four-year contract with Nike, worth US$32.5m (£21m). INCHE COOT GAMER Bolt loves to play dominoes - it's his favourite game. He also takes his CHARITY CHARTS games console everywhere he goes. Charity is close to Usain's heart. Not only does he have his own Foundation, he regually supports charities that focus on childrens health, well being and education. 9. 58 CHICKEN NUGGETS Usain's favourite food is chicken nuggets, he ate 2 before the 200m final in Beijing Games. NUCGETS 9.58s The current world record for the 100m sprint, held by Usain Bolt 41 STRIDES Usain completes a 100m race in 41 strides, he even starts with smaller steps. His competitors take an average of 45-48 strides over 100m. 24 SRIDE 90% FAST TWITCH Bolt covers an average 2.44m per stride, That's only 41 strides to cover Usain's muscle fibres are made up of 90% fast twitch. Fast twitch fibres STRIDE UNDONE 100m. help generate a lot of force quickly, and are therefore essential for Usain's shoelace was undone when he acheved his first WATER CARRIER sprinters. 100m world record in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. All humans have slow and Bolt would often have to carry heavy loads of water for miles as a child in order for his family to survive. He says this is the reason for his famed strength. fast twitch muscle fibres, but an average person has a mix of 50/50. The mix cannot be altered but training can increase the size of fast twitch muscles. SIZE 13 SIZE -13 Usain takes a size 13 (UK) shoe. He complained about the starting blocks being too small for his feet during his warm-up for the recent Jamaican Olympic trials. BROUGHT TO YOU BY wwW.FIRSTIO.Co.UK 41STRIDES COMPARED TO COMPETO FROM UNDONE ENO WATER CARER

Usain Bolt: The Bolt Body Breakdown

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He has done it again… Usain Bolt secured his position as the world’s fastest man by taking the London 2012 Olympic Gold in the mens 100 metres last night. Running a new Olympic record, and the sec...


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