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The Optimization of the Olympic Games

Uniblue THE OPTIMIZATION fHE OLYMPIC GAMES TM The Photolympics [Location: Stockholm, Sweden ] The Radiolympics Location: Paris, France 1912 1924 The Exactolympics Location: Los Angeles, United States of America] The Mechanolympics 1932 150BCE [Location: Various Locations, Greece The introduction of the first photo finish equipment for close-finish First live FINISH The first time newsreel film had to be analysed to determine the winner of the radio broadcast. Use of the Antikythera mechanism. Whilst its precise purpose is unknown, research shows it may have been used to track dates to host the 100m The Telelympics Location: Berlin, Germany ] ON THE AIR 1936 track events. 100-meter race. The first ever events. The maker also remains unknown. televised Olympic games with results transmitted by telex. The Techlympics [ Location: London, England ] Newsreels are rushed to 2012 broadcast via zeppelins. A whopping: The Computolympics Location: Squaw Valley , United States of America ] 11,000 Computers 1960 For: 17,000 Athletes IBM RAMAC 305 First computer used in modern day Olympics. मी Punch card data collection and Over 10,000 Desktops 1,000 Laptops central printing facility are the technology luxuries of the day. The Digilympics Location: Tokyo, Japan ] 1964 AND: 900 Servers Olympic results are stored on computers for the first time. The Ecolympics The Applympics { Location: Turin, Italy ] The Netlympics 2010 2006 1996 Location: Vancouver, Canada ] Location: Atlanta (Georgia),United States of America ] ALSO: Technology to reduce the environmental impact of the Olympic Games. The first ever Olympic Games website is launched. Trained volunteers: Website hits: Possibly being the first ever cashless Olympics Over 20,000 189,000,000 Reduced CO2 emissions and http://www improved data access via online portals. The introduction of web-based apps. Accreditations: 90,000 Sources: Uniblue | || | |

The Optimization of the Olympic Games

shared by Uniblue on Jun 18
The Olympic Games have been an important series of sporting events since the year 776 BCE; counting for 2788 years of tough competition for honour and laurel leaves. Throughout the years it has grown ...




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