The Olympics & The World

The Olympics & The World London is the first city chosen to host the modern Olympics three times. When hundreds of nationalities compete in the event on 28th July, sporting passions will be re-ignited across the globe. In light of this, here are the most crowd-pleasing observations about the Olympics and the rest of the world. Let the games begin! AAAAAAND...THEY'RE OFF! At 62.7m the Olympic Stadium is 1.5 times taller than Rio's 'Christ The Redeemer' statue. The logo for the 2012 London Olympics cost £400,000 to create, the same price it would be to adopt a panda in China for 365 years - we know which one we would prefer! The Olympic Torch travelled 8000 miles around the UK, which is more than twice the width of the United States. The £537 million it took to build the Olympic Stadium could have paid for one person to go on 11 lunar walks. 11th LUNAR WALK If you thought having an Olympic Gold Medal was an appetising prospect, its value (around £450) is less than half the price of a slice of one of the most expensive pies ever made, which can be found at the Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire, England. =£1000 (Per Slice) =£450 It takes 16 goose feathers to make each badminton shuttlecock, and the best shuttle feathers are made Anyone caught streaking at the Games will be fined up to £20,000, which is even more than the £15,000 it takes to buy the 'Diamond Is Martini' at the Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo. from the left wing of a goose. ever If Usain Bolt ever fancied a change of track, he could always become a human taxi cab, as his top speed of around 30mph is the same as a Thai tuk tuk. EXTRA LONG FACT Since the birth of the modern Olympics, the Americans have won over half the total amount of Olympic diving medals. As for another form of professional diving, there are, on average, 11 fake injuries per football match. Sources: | || | www.tourist-Information-uk | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Locally informed, globally inspired destination

The Olympics & The World

shared by btfstreet on Jun 27
The time has come to start practising your Usain Bolt “To Di World” pose, and unravelling your priceless national flags – the London Summer Olympics 2012 begins in just over a month! Here’s an...


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