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Olympics Trivia: A Cheat Sheet

OLYMPICS TRIVIA A CHEAT SHEET Each medal must be at least three millimeters thick and 60 millimeters 92.5% in diameter. Also, gold and silver Olympic medals must be made out SILVER of 92.5% silver, with the gold medal covered in six grams of gold. GRA of gold 3mm 60mm The most records broken at the Olympic games happened at Beijing 2008. There were 43 new world records and 132 new Olympic records set at the 2008 Summer Olympics. LONDON FEATURES 302 MEDAL EVENTS ACROSS 32 SPORTS 9 MILLION tickets were available for the summer 2012 games MOST DECORATED ATHLETES LARISA LATYNINA 1956-1964 Y 5 MICHAEL PHELPS 2004-2008 14 1972-1980Y 3 NIKOLAI ANDRISNOV BORIS SHAKHLIN 1956-1964Y EDOARDO MANLAROTTI 1936-1960 2 NATIONS WITH THE MOST MEDALS UNITED STATES 2,302 USSR 929 1,122 GREAT BRITAIN 725.5 731.5 440 GERMANY 208.5 658.5 357 641.5 FRANCE 633 258.5 325 195.5 222 241 257.5 192 209 633 The oldest woman to compete The oldest ever Olympian is in the Olympics was British Oscar Swahn of Sweden. He was 72 years, 281 days old when he competed at the 1920 Olympics in shooting. rider Lorna Johnstone, who participated in Equestrian at the 1972 Olympic Games at 70 years and 5 days old. JAPAN: 3 GERMANY: 3 USA: 8 22 NATIONS HAVE HOSTED THE GAMES ITALY: 3 - CANADA: 3 FRANCE: 5 The longest standing modern Olympic athletics record is Bob Beamon's achievement in the men's long jump at the 1968 Summer Olympics. Beamon's record stood for 23 years. 23 YEARS INJI MEDIA • STORY O PARTNERS

Olympics Trivia: A Cheat Sheet

shared by njimedia on Jul 30
A fun infographic with a few handy Olympic trivia facts to use throughout the 2012 games.


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